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Medical Assistant Program Austin: 5 Helpful Blog Posts

Blog posts can be of great help when you’re studying a medical assistant program Austin. Click here to read our top five choices.

Whether you’re already taking a medical assistant program Austin or you’re thinking about enrolling, you can find critical information in blogs. The following is a selection of posts written by medical professionals, educators, and students that will help you get the most out of your course.

1. 10 Reasons to Get Certified as a Medical Assistant

This post from Medical Assistant is excellent if you have any doubts about taking the next step to begin your career in the medical field. It discusses the main benefits of becoming a medical assistant along with a brief summary of how to become qualified.

2. Best Health Care Jobs: Medical Assistant

For in-depth information about what working as a medical assistant may involve, turn to this post from U.S. News: Money. Going beyond job responsibilities, this post talks about opportunities for medical assistants, job outlook, and exactly what you need to do to succeed.

3. How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume

The first step in finding a job after finishing a program is writing a killer resume. Every occupation requires a slightly different style when it comes to resumes, which means generic information is often unhelpful. This post will teach you what format to use, what information to include, and what details to prioritize to create a great resume that is uniquely yours.

4. When Asked Whether You Have Experience…

As a graduate of an accredited school, you will have taken exams for the most important certifications, such as Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), Certified EKG Specialist (EKG), CPR Certification, and Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT). This instantly sets you up as a great candidate. However, many recent grads slip up in the interview when asked about their experience. This blog post from Medical Assistant Net Blog will teach you how to tip the scale in your favor and land a job.

5. 26 of the Funniest Charting Errors Found on Actual Patients’ Medical Charts

Take a break from studying and enjoy some light humor. This blog post from Nurse Labs lists some of the funniest mistakes found on patient charts. As well as giving you the chance to laugh, it will remind you to think carefully about what you write on your own charts!

Blog posts are a great way to find out all you need to succeed every step of the way in your medical assistant program Austin. For more useful information, check out the content on the Southern Careers Institute blog.

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