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Learn how the SCI team can make it easy to transfer your credits.

At Southern Careers Institute, we recognize that our students may have previous training or educational experience. If you are completing a school transfer, you must provide a transcript and detailed course descriptions for review prior to starting school. By providing an option to transfer past experience, our students may be able to reduce the costs and length of program completion, within the guidelines of state and federal law. Please be advised that the acceptance of credits from another school/state board is at the sole discretion of the Southern Careers Institute educational institution & college transfer team.

Are you a current SCI student considering another program?

At Southern Careers Institute, we understand that your goals may change. We are able to assist students who are interested in another program. To transfer from one program to another, only courses previously taken, that are required in the new program, can be credited to the new program. The credits must be current and relevant to the new program. Any transferred courses must meet the minimum GPA requirement at the time of the signing of the new Enrollment Agreement to be considered eligible for transfer. Should a student decide to transfer to another institution, it is important to note that the receiving institution has the sole responsibility for determining which, if any, SCI credits will transfer. SCI cannot guarantee, and does not imply, that any institution will accept credits from SCI.

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Learn how the SCI team can make it easy to transfer your credits.