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5 Study Tools for Allied Health Students

If you are currently enrolled in an allied health care course, these study tools for allied health students can help you achieve success.
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About 7 million allied healthcare providers in the US work in more than 80 diverse professions, representing nearly 60 percent of all health care providers in the country.

The allied health care workforce plays an integral role in providing quality health care through diagnostic evaluation and treatment of health conditions. If you are currently enrolled in an allied health program, these study tools for allied health students can help you achieve success. 

5 Study Tools for Allied Health Students


Picmonic for General Allied Health is an excellent platform designed to help you remember through picture mnemonics. Picmonic makes studying more efficient and productive by presenting otherwise hard-to-grasp concepts with entertaining and engaging two to three-minute mnemonic videos featuring unforgettable characters and entertaining stories. It boasts more than 600 need-to-know general allied health concepts covering more than 4,000 facts under topics like anatomy, common diseases, disorders, physiology, medical terminology, psychology, and professional standards for allied health. 

Key Features:

  • Unlimited access to 600+ Picmonics covering 4,000 need to know facts
  • Daily Quiz with Spaced Repetition
  • You can add facts and create your own Picmonic
  • Personal Dashboard with customized study recommendation
  • Unlimited quizzing, with 4,000 multiple choice questions


Quizlet helps you practice and master allied health concepts. Ideally, you can search a database of millions of pre-created study sets on thousands of course topics or create your own custom study sets. With this tool, you have several options to review your materials, including using flashcards, timed games, adaptive questions, and practice tests. It also possesses modern studying technologies such as text-to-speech audio, images, and interactive diagrams that make studying engaging, compelling, and fun.

Key Features:

  • Creates custom study material
  • Quizlet Live, an engaging team-based review game
  • Text-to-speech audio, images, and interactive diagrams
  • Quizlet AI-powered assistant for optimized learning


Brainscape is an adaptive web and mobile education program that uses adaptive flashcards to help students master concepts faster through a fun and adaptive spaced repetition system. It empowers you to create, find and share flashcards with allied health concepts, and study them via top-notch cognitive science techniques. You can also use the platform’s marketplace to locate millions of other collections of flashcards that cover every subject in allied health courses.

Key Features:

  • Flashcards from the world’s top experts and your peers
  • Enables collaboration by allowing you to invite other colleagues or students
  • Performance Monitoring feature that tracks the performance
  • Real-time content update
  • Ease of Use by making onboarding new students or employees extremely simple
  • Creating, sharing, and finding great user-generated flashcards is FREE


Brainly is a knowledge-sharing community that boasts over 350 million students and experts who work collaboratively to solve some of the most difficult homework questions. The platform features an effective keyword search option and gamification feature that can motivate you to learn some of the toughest allied health concepts. You can also ask any questions, get expert verified answers fast, and collaborate with a pool of experts consisting of school teachers, students, PhDs, and other geniuses ready to answer your most challenging questions.

Key Features:

  • A learning community of 350 million teachers and students
  • Gamification feature that provides adequate motivation
  • Unlimited access, including Expert-Verified Answers
  • Faster answers to your questions

American Allied Health Resources

If you are looking for a learning resource that provides study material along with plenty of practice tests, American Allied Health Resources should be one of your top study tools for allied health students. The program provides free practice exams available once you register to take an American Allied Health national certification exam. Notably, the practice exam features similar instructions and format as the actual online certification exam. It also boasts questions similar to the questions you can expect to be on the exam.

Key Features:

  • Free topical study guides to help you review for the exam
  • Allows you to take the practice exams multiple times and as you wish
  • Allows you the freedom to study at own leisure and sit for exam only once you are ready
  • It helps you keep your national certification current by offering continuing education units

Southern Careers Institute Can Help you to Achieve Your Dream Allied Health Career

If you dream of a career as an allied health professional, contact Southern Career Institute (SCI) today. SCI offers employer-tailored allied health programming, including medical assistant, medical billing and coding, medical office specialist, nurse aide, and pharmacy technician programs, with the eligibility to test for more than 20 nationally recognized certifications.

This article was published on: 05/12/21 12:05 AM

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