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Top Medical Billing and Coding Certifications

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Whether you’re already a guru in the medical billing and coding field or a newcomer looking to make a difference, your smartest move is to get a recognized certification. It helps you to quickly scale the heights and stand taller from the pack.

Most certification examinations require you to have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Also, you should have completed a medical billing and coding training program within the last five years, or have at least one year of work experience within the last three years. However, some of the certifications need renewal after a few years.  

So, which certifications can kick-start or propel your billing and coding specialist profession? Here are the most marketable certifications in the healthcare industry. 

Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) 

A CBCS certification from the National Healthcare Association (NHA) certifies your prowess in: 

  • Converting a medical diagnosis, symptom, or procedure into special codes 
  • Submitting a claim for reimbursement  
  • Correcting rejected claims 
  • Tracking bills 
  • Following up with insurers and patients about pending bills 

Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) 

A CMAA certification enables you to meet employers’ requirements, attract better career opportunities your way and boost your earnings. You’ll, indeed, be responsible for routine clinical and administrative tasks:  

  • Ensuring the smooth running of physicians’ clinics and offices 
  • Checking in patients for appointments 
  • Recording medical details and charts 
  • Managing patient databases and attending to phone calls 
  • Transferring laboratory results to the technician  

Electronic Health Record Specialist (EHRS) 

The healthcare industry considers Electronic Health Record Specialists as crucial professionals for medical billing and coding. These guys facilitate timely access to patient data to enhance professional and safe treatment.  

Training prepares you to work in a health information management team doing the following: 

  • Check-in patients as they attend to their appointments 
  • Plan follow-ups and administer prescriptions 
  • Keep track of patient medications, allergies, and other vital details 
  • Interpret health record  
  • Communicate with clients and report their data accurately 

Microsoft Word Specialist for a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist 

As a certified Microsoft Word specialist, you’ll be capable of performing more tasks than just opening the application and typing: 

  • Formatting text, sections, and paragraphs 
  • Creating and managing documents 
  • Creating lists and tables 
  • Inserting and formatting objects 
  • Applying for references 

Certified Risk Adjustment Medical Coder (CRC) 

The CRC from AAPC shows your expertise in assigning and reviewing accurate codes for healthcare diagnosis. Employers can then verify that you understand the audit process for risk adjustment models. 

Here are some of the roles of a CRC professional: 

  • Assign codes and map risk adjustment models appropriately  
  • Ensure compliance to official coding guidelines and standards of ethical coding 
  • Maintain health care facility’s quality and production requirements 

Certified Medical Office Manager (CMOM) 

Employers expect medical office managers to have excellent administrative skills to: 

  • Manage finances 
  • Keep accurate medical records 
  • Manage personnel and facilities 
  • Overseer managed care contracting 
  • Handle risks professionally 

Certified Medical Insurance Specialist (CMIS) 

Are you a medical office professional with experience and skills in claim management, reimbursement, and coding? Then you’re eligible to scoop a CMIS certification to prove your experience and skills in: 

  • Communicating with insurance companies 
  • Ensuring the organization’s billing databases are up-to-date 
  • Storing and maintaining patients’ records electronically 
  • Managing insurance claims 
  • Detecting errors in codes 
  • Verifying medical insurance 
  • Completing registration forms 

Certified Coding Associate (CCA) for a Medical Billing and Coding 

Healthcare employers are increasing hunting for certified coders countrywide. They know these professionals can perform better when it comes to managing health records. 

Earning a CCA establishes you as a committed industry expert, even if your experience is limited. Also, the certification distinguishes you from others.  

So, what can CCA enable you to do? 

  • Review patient’s records 
  • Then, apply codes based on treatment and diagnosis to pertinent details 
  • Submit the codes for research and reimbursement purposes 

Certified Evaluation and Management Coder (CEMC) 

Leading E/M coding experts developed the CEMC exam. This certification will, indeed, suit you if you have enough expertise and experience in E/M coding. Further, it proves that you’ve honed your skills and knowledge in: 

  • Medicare billing and coding rules 
  • Assigning accurate codes for medical services and procedures                                                                                    

Nationality Certified Insurance and Coding Specialist (NCICS) 

A male patient is checking out at the reception desk in a hospital with the help of a female medical billing and coding specialist.

The Insurance and Coding Specialists, indeed, have what it takes to process and code health insurance claims. In fact, the examination covers various areas: 

  • Processing insurance claims 
  • Billing procedures 
  • HCPCS Level 11 coding 
  • CPT coding 
  • ICD-9-CM Coding 

Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) 

As a CMRS professional, you’ll excel in facilitating the payment of claims. The medical billing and coding training enables you to understand the whole process – from when the healthcare provider renders a service to the balance payment: 

  • Identify payment methods 
  • Correlate insurance protection with services to be rendered 
  • Manage medical and financial records 
  • Prepare invoice 
  • Manage insurance claims 
  • Ensure compliance in medical records, coding, and billing  

Home Care Coding Specialist – Diagnosis (HCS-D) for a Medical Billing and Coding 

Do you have experience and skills as a home care coder? An HCS-D certification can, indeed, propel you to greater heights career-wise and financially with these responsibilities: 

  • Use appropriate guidelines to avail coding as it relates to the client’s medical condition 
  • Identify unusual patterns in data records 
  • Ensure coding complies with organization policy and government regulations 
  • Clarify and correct patient data in collaboration with clinical staff 

Certified Professional Coder (CPC-H) 

A CPC-H is a person with exemplary professional integrity. The American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) sponsors the coding certification examination for the CPC-H. Further, this examination covers questions about the appropriate application of HCPS, CPT, and supply codes.  

Southern Careers Institute: Learn Medical Billing and Coding Faster and Affordably 

You need the necessary skills and training to sit for the above certification examinations. Traditionally, you have to sit in a class for 2+ years. This long duration can quickly discourage you from pursuing your dream, especially if you’re a busy bee. 

Southern Careers Institute knows that time is money. So we offer the much-needed training within just 36 weeks via a robust online platform. What’s more, you can scoop scholarships and grants if you qualify for them. So hurry now and start your new and exciting career. To learn more about SCI’s Online medical billing and coding training program, call now via 1.833.SCI.TEXAS. 

This article was published on: 05/23/22 7:05 AM

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