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What Nail Tech Schools In San Antonio Pray You Don’t Know

What Nail Tech Schools In San Antonio Pray You Don’t Know

Choosing your future career can be a difficult process. You want to earn money doing something you love, be proud of what you do, and feel that you can work to improve your life and career prospects. All of these goals are achievable if you choose to enter the beauty industry.

However, the choices you make now can have a significant impact on your future goals and achievements. After you’ve researched you options and have narrowed down your choices you may be feel torn between two options. Do you enroll in one of the nail tech schools in San Antonio, or do you expand your skill-set and apply to a San Antonio cosmetology degree program? The question may be difficult but the answer is simple: if you want a quick transition from training to employment then perhaps earning a nail technician accreditation is the right choice for you; if you you to find a lasting career with endless opportunity and career mobility, then studying to become a cosmetologist is definitely the better choice to make. Read on to discover why more people are choosing to get more from their education by enrolling in a cosmetology degree in San Antonio.

Earning a Nail Tech Certification

The first step to becoming a nail technician is finding the right program. There are a whole host of nail tech schools in San Antonio that can provide you with everything you’ll need to begin your career as a certified and skilled nail technician in as little 3-9 months, depending on the program.

After graduating, you’ll have to take and successfully pass a practical licensing exam (awarded by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). Once you’re registered and licensed, you can then enter the jobs market and begin your search for your first nail technician job in a nail or beauty salon, or spa.

Your Cosmetology Degree

Although becoming a nail technician may require less time than studying to earn your cosmetology degree, your ability to find more secure work and increase your earning potential is also limited. With a cosmetology degree you can enter the beauty industry with a wide range of skills, ready to take on as many clients as you wish, supply them with exceptional service, and perhaps even earn the opportunity to open your business.

Your cosmetology training can provide you with everything you’ll need to know to thrive and succeed in whichever beauty service role you choose to follow. You will become a trained and professional hair stylist and colorist, esthetician (skin care specialist), and, of course, a manicure technician. You will also receive some basic business and finance training should you wish to open your own salon in the future.

You cosmetology degree will end up being a much more well-rounded educational opportunity that awards graduates the freedom to choose from a wider variety of job vacancies, career paths, and potential promotion and increased earning potential.

Is there something missing from the programs offered at nail tech schools in San Antonio? Yes! By enrolling in a Cosmetology course you could double, or even triple, your skill-set, increase your earning potential, and have your pick of jobs in a wide range of beauty services. Why limit yourself to simply earning a nail tech certification when you could take the beauty world by storm and demonstrate your creativity and talent in a wide variety of skills. Click here to find out why a nail tech certification cannot compare to a Cosmetology degree and discover your passion for all things beauty.

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