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Vocational Schools in Corpus Christi: Course Market Match

Vocational schools in Corpus Christi all claim to offer programs that lead straight to a career, but are there really many jobs in these industries? We examined the job market and found that these are the top jobs requiring a trade school education.


Administrative Assistant

Jobs in Corpus Christi: 2,860

As an administrative assistant, you can work in practically any industry, supporting other staff and performing a range of tasks as needed. As you will be working with many different people and talking on the phone with vendors, clients, and customers, you must have good spoken communication skills. Writing skills also come in useful, for drafting memos, reports, and presentations. Finally, you should have a good knowledge of technology and basic computer software, as you may need to handle electronic filing systems, manage event calendars, and handle some company correspondence.


Business Accounting Specialist

Jobs in Corpus Christi: 1,850

Business account specialist is another position that appears throughout the business world. Accounting clerks may handle a particular task in a large corporation or manage the finances of a small business, including payroll, purchases, and billing. You only need basic math skills to be successful in the position; more important is your ability to use bookkeeping and spreadsheet software.


Medical Assistant

Jobs in Corpus Christi: 1,080

Many key medical tasks are the responsibility of medical assistants. They provide primary patient care, monitor vitals, and prepare patients for health care practitioners. Medical assisting is another field where technology is growing in importance, and positions often involve storing information in electronic health records. Depending on where you work, you may have other clerical duties or your job might consist entirely of clinical tasks.


Pharmacy Technician

Jobs in Corpus Christi: 750

When you visit a pharmacy, you are likely to be served by a pharmacy technician rather than a pharmacist. This position is far more complex than a retail job — pharmacy technicians take information for prescriptions, measure out medication (which can involve some basic compounding), process patient and payment information for insurance claims, organize inventory, and more. If you’re interested in chemistry and want a chance to help people every day, this may be the ideal job for you.


You can find some of these programs at vocational schools in Corpus Christi, including South Texas Vocational Technical Institute, Del Mar College, Kaplan College, and Texas A&M University. However, Southern Careers Institute is the only school that offers training for all of the above.

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