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Vocational School in San Antonio TX: Reviews

For the would-be college student, living in San Antonio is a curse and a blessing. There is a college or vocational school in San Antonio TX on almost every block, but choosing among these schools is no small task. If you are still struggling to decide where to attend, consider:

Kaplan College

San Antonio students are often drawn to Kaplan College because of its extensive resources and numerous programs. It has two campuses within the city, which together offer certificate and diploma programs in medical assistance, medical billing and coding, dental assistance, pharmacy tech, phlebotomy tech, and real estate. There is also a wide range of continuing education and associate’s degree programs. What Kaplan gains in resources, however, it loses in teacher quality. Students frequently complain that teachers pay little attention to their performance, rewarding everyone regardless of accomplishments. If you are looking for a vocational school in San Antonio TX that instills knowledge in and passion for your subject, be skeptical of Kaplan College.

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

This school offers education for students with a cornucopia of skills and interests. San Antonio residents committed to improving public health can study dental assistance, medical assistance, or medical administrative assisting technology. Those with a passion for machinery can become automotive technicians, combination welders, or HVAC specialists. Still others can study professional massage therapy or computerized accounting. While these programs have the potential to boost your career, many students complain of a poor learning environment. The teachers, they claim, are not invested in the class, providing them with ample assignments without explaining how to do them.

Quest College

Quest is a vocational school in San Antonio TX with programs in vocational nursing, business administration, allied health, and beauty and wellness management. Students praise the school for its clean campus and its convenient, well-stocked library. Many teachers, however, complain about being micromanaged, worrying that this prevents them from becoming better instructors in the long run.

ITT Technical Institute

ITT Tech’s San Antonio campus offers a wide range of vocational programs, including drafting and design technology, electrical engineering and communications, network administration, software development, and accounting. All of these programs, however, are for bachelor’s and associate’s degrees. Students who seek a quick diploma and rapid employment are out of luck. Many students also complain that the Institute is not entirely honest about what it teaches, luring students in with inaccurate reports of its programs. Students who have disabilities have also complained that the school does not accommodate them properly.

The Southern Careers Institute

The Southern Careers Institute has two campuses in San Antonio, which together offer diploma programs in pharmacy tech, administrative assistance, HVAC, medical assistance, business accounting, medical billing and coding, and medical office administration. It provides education at low prices and with ample financial aid options, and a high percentage of students graduate on time. Students laud the Institute for its great learning environment, diverse student body, and flexible academic expectations. Many also praise its internships, which provide practical work experience and networking to help students get jobs as soon as they graduate.

Course descriptions and student reviews may help you choose a vocational school in San Antonio TX, but just because other students did well at a school does not mean you will. Your skills, interests, and study habits are unique, and you must pick a college that matches them. For more on selecting such a school, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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