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Pictures from Our Medical Assistant Programs in Austin Texas

If you’re considering enrolling in one of our medical assistant programs in Austin Texas, you may be wondering what your daily life will entail. We figured that the best way to explain you would be to show you through pictures. All of the following are of current and former students on our courses at Austin.


Welcoming the Students

Meet some of the students taking our medical assistant course.

There’s one face missing: yours.


Medical Assistant Labs

Gain a glimpse into the labs where you will be spending most of your time, learning about patient care, office administration, and procedures and practicing your clinical skills.


Practical Experience

Before practicing on actual patients, our medical assistants try out procedures on models.

Our faculty like to support our medical assistants as much as possible. Here we have our admissions rep getting prepped for volunteering, allowing our students the chance to gain some vital hands-on practice.


Our Facilities

All our students can use the computer labs during school hours. These are a few photos of our medical assistant students taking advantage of the facilities and studying hard.


Having Fun

It’s not all hard work on the medical assistant program. Our instructors never run out of ideas for unique and interesting ways to teach.

We also try to have fun when not in class, like this successful bake sale in which many medical assistant students participated.

We generally just enjoy ourselves wherever we are.


Celebrating Halloween

Halloween was a little competitive last year, as we set our students against each other to carve the best jack o’ lantern. You can see our medical assistant students’ efforts in these photos.

Everyone joined in the celebrations — even our resident skeletons.



We like to ensure our students know how proud we are of their achievements. To celebrate their success, we hold award ceremonies, like this one featuring several medical assistant students.

When you join one of our medical assistant programs in Austin Texas, you can expect to receive hands-on training from the very start of the course, meet great people like the above, and have plenty of fun while you learn. Contact us or call in at the campus for more information.

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