college in san antonio offereing esthecian

You Shouldn’t Find A College in San Antonio Offering Esthetician Classes

The term esthetics comes from the word aesthetic. It refers to beauty and all things beautiful. A career in esthetics focuses on facials, hair removal, makeup application as well as personal motivation and inner beauty. Many people get a lot of satisfaction knowing that they help people reach their true potential each day. However, if you’re interested in attending college in san antonio offereing esthecian classes, don’t sell yourself short. Esthetics is only one piece of a much larger puzzle known as Cosmetology. Earning your cosmetologist credentials allows you to practice esthetics and a whole lot more.

Paul Mitchell The School San Antonio

Paul Mitchell’s “The School” offers 750 hours of esthetics courses, allowing you to be eligible to meet state requirements for a job in any Texas salon. School statistics show high completion¬†and employment rates for graduates. You’ll spend around $10,000 in tuition, fees, books and other necessary supplies.

Opting for the Cosmetology program at Paul Mitchell means just a few more hours of coursework, 1500 hours, and a broader range of instruction. Instead of only focusing on facials and makeup, you’ll learn hair cutting, coloring and perming, manicures, pedicures and more. With cosmetology credentials in hand, you’ll be readily employable at a variety of beauty salons or full-service spas in Texas.

The Salon Professional Academy San Antonio

The esthetics program at The Salon focuses on learning the latest techniques in skincare and beauty. You’ll learn the ins and outs of all the latest technology designed to help consumers purify and balance their complexion. Coursework includes 750 hours of theory and¬†practical applications coupled with communication and business skills.

While esthetics training is certainly valuable, keep in mind that training as a cosmetologist opens up more doors in your future career. Cosmetology programs include a well-rounded curriculum focusing on more than facials and makeup. You’ll learn the latest in cutting and coloring techniques, business skills to grow your own business if desired, and how to maximize the use of modern technology to thrive in your career.

If you’re looking for a career that allows you to help people bring out the very best of them selves, look no further than a career in cosmetology. Sign up today for a training program that will get you into a professional salon in less than a year.


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