Welder at Southern Careers Institute Welding with Welding Supplies

What Kind of Welding Supplies Do I Need? [VIDEO]

What welding supplies do you need and how much is it going to cost you? We talked to SCI Corpus Christi welding instructor, Christopher Kish to learn more.

SCI: What do you want new welders who are just starting out to know in regards to getting ‘geared up’ with welding supplies?

Christopher Kish (CK): Look for quality equipment rather than flashy. Some quality name brands to start with are DeWalt, Milwaukee, Radnor, and Lincoln Electric. Airgas is a great company to start with and SCI welding students receive a 10% discount with their student ID.

SCI: What top welding supplies does a welder need to have?

SCI: What options are there out there for new welders on a budget?
CK: Pawn shops are always great for beginner welders especially here in South Texas. Be careful with Craig’s List [as you do not know what will be legitimate.]

SCI: What is the benefit of going through a career training program like SCI in regards to welding supplies?
CK: Along with the discount to Airgas, students pay $250 for a toolkit with a value of around $300. SCI supplies students with welding consumables such as safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, face shields, grinding disks, welding rods etc.

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