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Looking For Community Colleges? Brownsville TX Has 4 Great Options For You

If you want to continue to improve your job possibilities, there’s a better option than community colleges Brownsville TX. Click here to find out more.

Improving your career options and increasing your earnings is possible without spending thousands of dollars to study for several years. Alternatives to community colleges Brownsville TX require just a few weeks or months in school and lead directly to a career. The following are four of the best options, whatever your interests and goals.

1. South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

Studying at STVT gives you the chance to enter the heath care field in just eight to 11 months. The Brownsville campus offers programs in dental assisting, medical assisting, and massage therapy. Tuition and fees range between $12,000 and $19,000 and financial aid is available, including veterans’ benefits.

2. Southern Careers Institute

You can choose from a huge range of courses at SCI — in health care (medical billing, medical assistant, or medical office specialist), business (administrative assistant, business accounting, or computer support specialist), and cosmetology. Programs take just 40 hours to complete, with the exception of cosmetology, as a license requires 1,500 hours of practice. You can study full time or part time, during the evenings and weekends. Tuition, including the costs of books, materials, uniform, a certification exam, and an official transcript, ranges from less than $13,500 to about $16,500.

3. Kaplan College

At Kaplan, you can study a diploma program in allied health (medical assistant, medical office specialist, or medical practice management), computer support, HVAC, or nursing (a short instruction course). Programs are available during the day and night, allowing students to fit studying around their other commitments, and last from between nine to 12 months. Tuition is about $16,000, excluding books, supplies, and other expenses.

4. Allied Skills Training Center

ASTC provides hands-on training in welding through a five-week program, costing $5,000 in tuition and supplies. Students receive instruction from industry professionals using the latest hand and power tools for electric arc, oxyacetylene, and metal inert gas (MIG) welding. Class sizes are small (limited to a maximum of six students) and you can opt to study in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Upon completion of the course, you will be prepared to take the certification exam through the American Welding Society and the school will provide you with support finding employment.

All the above are great options if you’re looking to spend less than the two years of education required by community colleges Brownsville TX. The best school will depend on your long-term goals, such as the career you want to pursue and the opportunities you want to open. Research factors like certifications, accreditation, and financial aid before deciding on the right program for you.

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