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Job Prospects After HVAC Technical School in San Antonio Texas


You have decided you want a career as an HVAC technician. You are eager to sign up for the classes that fit your schedule, study so that you can ace your tests, and look forward to an internship so that you can have hands-on experience. There is one aspect left in this equation: your job prospects.

Obtaining relevant education from an HVAC technical school in San Antonio Texas is one thing; knowing the likelihood that your education will translate reasonably well into gainful employment is another. Although nothing is guaranteed, becoming familiar your HVAC technician job prospects is a shrewd decision.


General Outlook

The job prospects for HVAC technicians are predicted to be excellent, especially for those students who have completed their education at an accredited vocational such as Southern Careers Institute. In fact, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that work for HVAC technicians is expected to grow by approximately 21% during the 10 year period of 2012 to 2022. This estimate is based on increases in new property construction as well as a push towards more green technology. Clients are wanting more energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems for both homes and businesses.

Graduates who have completed HVAC technical school in San Antonio Texas with IT and electronics courses, those who have completed an internship or apprenticeship, and those who have stellar troubleshooting skills about complex systems will enjoy greater employment prospects.

Maintenance and repair work on HVAC systems typically remains stable as these systems need to work regardless of the economic conditions of the time.


Job Prospects in San Antonio

While the general prospects for HVAC technicians sound promising, what is the state of affairs in San Antonio? Take a look at your local newspaper classifieds, online staffing businesses, and local government ads to get a sense of the number of positions that need to be filled including the educational requirements and necessary experience.

More specifically, here is some sample of positions that need to be filled currently:


Example 1

  • Hiring company: Rosenberg Indoor Comfort.
  • Positions: Technician (Chillers); Technician (Commercial Refrigeration); Technician (HVAC/R).
  • Job responsibilities include: Servicing products and equipment on assigned projects and ensuring customer satisfaction; repairing and overhauling commercial HVAC systems; following blue prints, wiring diagrams, and more to diagnose and repair units; documenting work by completing paperwork on each job.


Example 2

  • Hiring company: CBRE.
  • Position: Mobile service technician
  • Job responsibilities: Performing assigned day-to-day repairs, emergency and preventive maintenance; maintaining accurate electronic documentation for maintenance and repairs as required; reviewing assigned work orders; estimating time and materials needed to complete repair; ability to operate in a team environment on installation and repairs; ability to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair building assets to include HVAC, electrical systems, and more.


How Can You Increase Your Job Prospects?

To help increase your job prospects, make sure you enroll in an accredited HVAC technical school in San Antonio Texas that offers an internship, do well in your classes, and make as many industry connections as you can. Contact the career placement counselors at your vocational school to help you create or update your resume and streamline your interview skills. Before you know it, professionalism and perseverance will pay off. Good luck!

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