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In Texas State, Technical College Grad Hire Rates Are On The Rise

In Texas State, Technical College Grad Hire Rates Are On The Rise

Although you may not be thinking seriously about it now, if you’re starting out with your education, post-graduation employment prospects are an important aspect of finding the right trade school or college, and eventually finding a lasting and rewarding career. Your potential job hunt will depend on a number of things, including your chosen course and the trade college or school you attended.

When you’re doing your research, it is also important to become aware of the distinction between ‘graduate employment’ and ‘graduate employment in a related field’ (also known as ‘gainful employment’). Although any employment is a great achievement, of course you’d rather work in a position for which you’ve trained, studied, and received accreditation. Whereas the national ‘graduate employment’ rate is 90%, ‘graduate employment in a related field’ can be as low as 50%. However, Texas trade schools are reporting higher rates of gainful employment each year.

Training-Related Employment

As important and lucky as it is to find any full-time employment in recent years, the fact remains that graduating students will desire – if not expect – to find suitable employment in a field that is related to their studies and training. This is the dream for the majority of technical college graduates and is, with increasing frequency, becoming the reality for more and more Texas students each year.

Of course, there can never be any promises made that guarantee you’ll find your dream job within a week of graduating, nor is there much use hoping that this will happen. There is, however, growing hope for many students graduating from a Texas state technical college.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, trade colleges must maintain field-related graduate employment of at least 60% to remain open, with most trade colleges nationwide operating between 64-67%. Texas state technical college rates for field-related graduate employment has grown from an average of 66% in 2010 to between 68-80% in 2014. This is great news for students graduating from a Texas state technical college as they are far more likely to find full-time employment in their field within 1 year of graduation.

Trade College Opportunities

A great number of Texas technical colleges are surpassing national averages for field-related job placement each year. Colleges like Austin Community College and Southern Careers Institute have seen rapid growth in successful post-graduation employment, with Austin Community College reporting gainful employment rates for recent graduates from the majority of their courses (in 2013 and 2014) to be between 65% to 72%.

SCI report similar statistics for trade programs in Welding and HVAC, with suitable employment achieved for graduating students reported between 71% and 78% respectively, after 2014 graduation.

It is wise to review and compare all of your options when considering enrolling in a trade school as there are many factors that will affect your employment chances and long-term success. Always keep an eye on a trade school’s employment rates and see how they have grown or fallen in recent years – you’ll thank yourself in the future!

You should also be wary of colleges and school that make it difficult or impossible to find out these statistics. Any college should be proud to announce their graduate employment rates just like ACC and SCI.

There has never been a better time to enroll in a technical college in Texas state. Technical college graduates in Texas are experiencing higher levels of gainful employment than in any other state. Click here to find out exactly how Texas state technical college students are prospering in the jobs market post-graduation.

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