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Finding the Perfect Accounting schools in San Antonio For You

Few career fields show more promise than business accounting. Accounting clerks earn an average salary of $35,170 per year and have the potential for significant wage growth, as well as strong job security. While there are few official requirements for this position, you will be a more competitive candidate if you attend a diploma or associate’s degree program. In San Antonio, you can attend such programs at:

ITT Technical Institute

ITT Tech has two campuses in San Antonio. Both offer associate’s degree programs in accounting, which focus on the technical skills needed to work as successful business accountants. The students study the finer points of record systems, transaction posting, accounting software, and the general practices and principles behind accounting. The Institute is one of the more expensive accounting schools in San Antonio, charging $46,149 for the program; the median student graduates with $24,556 in Federal loan debt. The program is designed to take 84 weeks; ITT does not offer shorter diploma courses. Only 38% of students graduate on time, and 60% of graduates are able to find jobs in related fields within a year of graduation.

San Antonio College

San Antonio College is one of the most flexible accounting schools in San Antonio, offering three separate certificates and one associate’s degree in subjects related to accounting. These are:

  • Accounting Computer Applications– This brief certificate program trains students in a variety of computerized accounting skills, with a particular focus on the use of spreadsheets.
  • Accounting Technician, Level I– All students must take a class in Business English and a class in managing files on PC computers. They can then select among a number of other courses, including Spreadsheets, Business Math, Financial Accounting, and Word Processing. The program lasts two semesters.
  • Accounting Technology, Marketable Skills– Students must take two Introductory classes, one in general accounting and the other in computerized accounting. They must then pick three courses out of the following five: Business Tax Reporting, Cooperative Education Accounting, Payroll and Business Tax Accounting, Federal Income Tax Management, and Microcomputer Accounting.
  • Accounting Technology, A.A.S.– This 5 semester-long course covers all major accounting topics, including Business English, Integrated Software, Business Tax Reporting, and Computerized Accounting.

In theory, San Antonio College is ideal for students who seek extensive options and the flexibility to move from certificate to associate’s programs. However, the school has one of the lowest graduation rates in the state, making it a questionable choice in practice.

The Southern Careers Institute

Like ITT Tech, the Southern Careers Institute has two campuses in San Antonio, both of which offer business accounting diploma programs. The school focuses on providing hands-on training, simulating the environment that students will have to work in once they get jobs as business accounting specialists. Although the school does not offer an associate’s program, it strives to include as many practical skills as possible, giving students a well-rounded education in only 33 weeks. 85% of students in this program graduate on time, and 82% of graduates are able to find a job in a related field within a year of graduation.

Although business accounting is a promising field, it is by no means the only source of good wages and job security. Medical assistants, billing and coding specialists, computer technicians, and a wide range of other specialists all enjoy good wages and a chance to make a difference in the world. To learn more about choosing a school and career track, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.


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