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Cosmetology Career Information: 3 Things to Hide About Yourself Online Before You Start Applying for Jobs

One of the first things potential employers do after receiving a job application is a search for the candidate on the web. As a cosmetologist, it is extra important that you make a good impression. You will be working closely with new people every day, and employers wants to know that you are a sociable, friendly person. These tips can help you improve your online presence to ensure that you start off on the right foot.


1. Search for Yourself

The best way to find out what employers may discover about you is to search for yourself on Google. For the most accurate results, you will need a different browser from the one you normally use. Just check the first one or two pages in the search results and mark anything that could create a negative image of you. Repeat the process for all your social media accounts to see how your profiles appear to someone who is not a connection.

Once you are finished searching, it is time to clean up the results. If you own potentially harmful content, the best course of action is to delete it entirely. You can change visibility settings, but you risk the content cropping up at a later date. If you find content on another person’s page, sometimes the easiest solution is to dissociate yourself — for instance, by removing tags in pictures. For a more permanent solution, you can use a paid service like BrandYourself or Reputation.


2. Improve Your Social Media Profiles

It is essential that you have some sort of online presence. In a career like cosmetology, where sociability and communication is so important, employers want to know that you actively use social media sites. Plus, posting fresh content will push those old posts you’d rather employers didn’t see further down search results.

Add interests to LinkedIn and Facebook, change your profile pictures to attractive, professional photos, and create albums featuring your top achievements in cosmetology, even creating new accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, and Flickr for that very purpose.


3. Adopt Good Habits

To continue with your job search, find new clients, and advance your career, you will need to maintain good habits when it comes to posting online. Pay close attention to everything you publish, from the photos you upload to any comments attached to your name. This by no means signifies hiding your true self — just consider if posts contribute to how you want to be seen.


Even if your online reputation is spotless, to work as a cosmetologist in Texas, you still need a license. Contact schools in Texas to find out about their courses and gain cosmetology career information.

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