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Business Accounting Degrees In Texas: Who To Work For After Schooling

Business accounting degrees in Texas offer a chance to enter a lucrative career, but they alone won’t guarantee financial or professional success. Besides receiving the necessary education, it’s also essential to get a job as soon as possible after graduation. The sooner you are employed, the more time you have to build experience. Texas is home to a wide range of companies in need of accounting specialists, including:


Capital One

The major credit card and bank holding company is looking for business accounting specialists to work at its office in Plano, Texas. This job involves many traditional bookkeeping and accounting duties, including managing and transferring funds, mitigating company risks, watching out for fraud, and keeping records of all risks and other relevant financial information. This job is particularly ideal for those who enjoy social interaction, as it will require you to meet directly with clients to resole any payment discrepancies. Although the job is available to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalent, Capital One prefers to hire those with relevant education, giving an advantage to applicants with accounting degrees in Texas.



This nutritional and life sciences company is looking to hire a new Accounts Receivable Specialist. This position’s duties include dealing with invoices from vendors and customers, keeping track of all payments, highlighting payment irregularities, responding to all payment-related inquiries from customers, and making sure that none of the company’s transactions violate federal laws or regulations. The company prefers to hire those with accounting degrees in Texas and/or with at least 2 years of experience in the field. Candidates who are trained in Microsoft Office have an advantage.


The Gannett Company

This media conglomerate is looking to add a member to its TEGNA Financial Services team, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. This position will involve analyzing commercial credit issues, processing payments from customers’ credit cards, and the ordinary duties associated with business accounting. In this job, you will be able to set your schedule flexibly, but may have to work extended hours. No education beyond high school is required, but those with accounting degrees in Texas will have an advantage, especially if their training covered Microsoft Office skills. Those with experience in broadcast television are also preferred.


Safety Kleen Systems

Those with an interest in protecting the environment should consider applying to be a Cash Applications Specialist for Safty Kleen Systems. This Richardson-based company focuses on managing hazardous industrial waste, cleaning parts, and re-refining excess oil. As a Cash Applications Specialist for this company, your job will be to research, identify, and post cash payments for the company’s activities as well as to resolve any disputes over customers’ payment accounts. This job requires good math and writing skills and a detailed knowledge of Microsoft Excel.


Parallon Business Solutions

This Dallas-based company is looking for someone willing to process its payrolls. In this job, you will have to have to enter, adjust, check, and file reports on 2,500 or more paychecks released during each pay period. You will also have to pay attention to all state and federal laws and regulations, making sure the company never violates them. Additional education is not required for this job, but candidates with strong computer skills are preferred.


Listing potential employers is a great way to start your job search, but only if you already have the necessary experience. If you’re interested in training to become a business accounting specialist, look for a program that will teach you all of the necessary math, computer, and communication skills. To learn more about finding such a program, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.

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