Bookkeeping Classes in San Antonio: A Day in the Life of a Student

Have you ever thought about taking bookkeeping classes in San Antonio and hesitated? You love the idea of keeping track of a company’s financial records. You love working with numbers—in fact you’re a math whiz. Yet, you can’t help but think about possible long days sitting in a classroom. Maybe sitting in a classroom wasn’t never something you thought you could do until now. Here’s a sneak peek into your potential future.


Your Class Schedule
Preparing for a job as a bookkeeper does involve spending time in a classroom setting. It’s different than the boredom or anxiety you may have felt in other classroom settings. You’re learning skills bookkeeping employers want you to know, so your experience will be pretty different from what you know. You’re probably wondering about your class schedule. You won’t have the same schedule as other students in the bookkeeping major. You’ll schedule your class times around your life. If you have children, you may schedule your classes at the same time they’re in school. If you work late, you may schedule your classes in the afternoon. Your schedule will vary according to the class you take each semester. For example, on an average school day, you may have three or four classes such as:

  • ACC101 Accounting Foundations
  • Job103 Career Readiness
  • CSV103 Customer Service
  • ACC120 Computerized Accounting

In the first year, you’ll take accounting and bookkeeping courses like ACC Accounting Foundations to prepare you for more challenging courses later. In that class you’ll learn how to work on a variety of journal entries. Your next class may be computerized accounting. As you sit in this class, you learn about QuickBooks. You focus on inputting data for payroll or receivables and other bookkeeping tasks. If you have a question at any time, your professor will answer it. You may stay after to class to work with fellow students on a project or become more familiar with the software. QuickBooks isn’t the only computerized software you’ll learn. You’ll learn about other bookkeeping applications too. Once you’re further along in your bookkeeping studies, you’ll have less coursework. Why? You’ll receive more on-the-job training outside the classroom. For example, JOB130 and JOB131 are Business Externship courses. You’ll work under the supervision of a bookkeeper at a company. As you work you’ll put what you learn into practice such as what you learned in ACC120 Computerized Accounting.


You’re living or working in San Antonio and you’re ready for a change. Accounting schools in San Antonio offer a great education, and great career options, for those who can make the grades. The only way to really know what a day in the life of a bookkeeping student is like is to actually live it. You’re taking a risk, and should make sure to evaluate your options before you start, but for many students this is their path to a better future and a new life.

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