beauty schools in 78362

A Rundown of Beauty Schools In 78362

A Rundown of Beauty Schools in 78362

Choosing to further you education and follow a successful career path begins with choosing the right school. Your choice to attend one of many great beauty schools in the 78362 area comes down to your own personal preferences, passions, and schedules.

As you are probably already aware, cosmetology schools specialize in providing education and training to those students who wish to become professional stylists and technicians. With the right education, you too can gain an education that will open the door to the professional beauty world and beyond!

Here you will find some of the most notable and best beauty schools in 78362 area so you can decide which one suits you the best.


1. Bella Beauty College

With Bella Beauty College, you will receive both a quality education and invaluable hands-on experience led by experienced and licensed professionals.

At Bella Beauty College you will be taught all of the essential knowledge needed to succeed in the cosmetology field. You will gain practical knowledge and experience with many beauty treatments, including hair styling/cutting/coloring, nail tech, and skin care services. You will also be taught how to run a successful business, with classes in financing and customer relations.

Bella Beauty College offer flexible scheduling options for all students, meaning that you can earn your education and training at times that are most convenient to you!


2. Del Mar College, Corpus Christi

Del Mar College offer a cosmetology program that emphasizes creativity over rules, innovation over tradition, and personality over industry.

Here you will learn a wide selection of beauty tips, tricks, and techniques to get you started on the path to becoming a fully-fledged and licensed beauty specialist. From head to toe, Del Mar College train their students in everything from hair styling to pedicures!

Upon completion of the cosmetology program at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, students are eligible to take the Texas Department of Licensing Exam in Cosmetology.


3. Southern Careers Institute, Corpus Christi

At the Corpus Christi campus of Southern Careers Institute, students have the opportunity to truly flourish as creative and inventive artists during their time in the SCI Cosmetology program.

Favoring individuality over strict rules and regulations, SCI provide both practical experience and professional support to train students to be the best that they can be. Here, students will learn invaluable career skills, including hair styling, makeup artistry, skin care, and how to run a successful business with the Nuts and Bolts Salon Management classes.

Cosmetology students at SCI also have to opportunity to receive a number of nationally-recognized certifications in addition to their Cosmetology License, like Sassoon ABC Colouring, Sassoon ABC Cutting, and NAB (Nuts and Bolts Professional).

Once graduated, students also have the option of continuing their education and earning a Cosmetology Instructor diploma which will further increase employability and earning power.


4. The Strand Institute of Beauty & Esthetics

Located in Portland, Texas, The Strand Institute offer an exceptional range of beauty, cosmetology, and esthetics classes to students. A full range of options are available to students wishing to focus their passions for cosmetology, including nail tech courses, cosmetology courses, and cosmetology tutor courses.

The Strand Institute of Beauty & Esthetics train their students to become specialized beauty professionals, capable of working to high standards and delivering great results to customers.


Whichever of the beauty schools in 78362 area you choose, remember that these courses are designed to allow your own creativity and passions to grow and develop. After graduation, you will be able to pursue any number of fantastic and rewarding careers within the cosmetology field.

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