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A History of Southern Careers Institute INC

Accreditation, job placement rates, and professor reviews are all crucial factors when assessing a college or trade school, but prospective students often forget that history is just as important. Investigating the history of a school shows you how committed it is to its students, its community, and to education as an art form. It also tells you whether the school can adapt to changes in technology and methods. The Southern Careers Institute Inc has proven its commitment to its students and communities, consistently offering the best training in Texas for more than 50 years.

Origin and Growth

The Southern Careers Institute Inc was founded in Austin, Texas in 1960. The school gradually grew in popularity over the course of the next thirty years, attracting increasing numbers of students from all over the state. The student body eventually grew too large for one campus to handle, so in 1992 the Institute began opening new branches in other parts of Texas. There are currently seven campuses: the original Austin campus, one in Brownsville, one in Harlingen, one in Corpus Christi, one in Pharr, and two in San Antonio. Opening new campuses has allowed the institute to help thousands more students begin promising new careers.

Development and Diversification

Besides expanding in size and geographic area to keep up with growing numbers of students, the Southern Careers Institute Inc has also expanded into new subjects to keep up with changes in the economy. To help students benefit from the medical industry’s growing job market, the school opened a medical department in 1992, training students to work as medical assistants, medical office specialists, and medical billing and coding specialists. The same year, it opened a business department to train business accounting specialists and business administrative assistants. The school added a pharmacy tech program in 1994, and continues to consider new ways to give its students a quality education.

Monetary Measures

The price of education has risen rapidly over the past 50 years, but the Southern Careers Institute Inc has done everything in its power to help students receive an affordable education. The Institute works closely with the major sources of student loans and grants, accepting Federal Pell and Supplemental Education Opportunity grants, William D. Ford direct loans, veterans’ benefits, and a wide range of other federal, state, and private funding sources. The school continues to look for ways to help students pay for their education, and has established a Financial Aid Office specifically to answer questions about funding.

The Information Age

The advent of the Internet has changed education dramatically over the past 25 years, and the Southern Careers Institute Inc has taken advantage of this development by offering online courses. Online training allows students to receive their education at a lower cost and with a more flexible schedule than in-class education does. The university currently offers online versions of its business accounting and medical billing and coding programs. Students who take these courses still have access to school-supported internships and other resources to help them succeed and prepare for a career.

Not only is a college’s history valuable in itself, but studying it will help you to make sense of other factors. There are hundreds of colleges in the United States that can boast of having highly qualified instructors, committed students, and employed graduates, but only some of those schools will be able to keep these successes up in the long run. Studying history tells you whether a university can continue to make good decisions over long periods of time. For more information on finding the right college, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.

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