3 More Influencers to Follow in the Medical Field

Want to learn and get inspired while you YouTube binge? Follow the influencers behind the channels NaketaTV, a Guy named DJ, and Dream Home Based Work — savvy social posters who also happen to be in the medical field.


For those who like “a-day-in-the-life” style vids, shiny-haired and bright-eyed Naketa doesn’t disappoint. Her digital diary, so to speak, highlights clips from her journey from MA student to being an employed medical assistant as a mother and millennial.

Who she’s for:

Those who like reality TV without all the drama

Why you’ll subscribe:

Naketa is likeable, upbeat, and very relatable. She also boasts some fancy video editing skills, as showcased by her NaketaTV intro in every video.

Don’t leave before seeing:

Her Medical Assistant Program Q&A (note, she is not a Southern Careers Institute graduate).

A Guy Named DJ

DJ is just your typical, gearhead retail pharmacy technician with thousands of YouTube views. Although the majority of his videos are shot with his beloved drones and include some cool views of stadiums and motorcycles, he recently vowed to update his feed with more lifestyle vids from his point-of-view in response to some of his subscribers’ comments.

Who he’s for:

Gearheads, hip-hop fans, drone-fanatics, amateur Go-pro-ers

Why you’ll subscribe:

His funny quick-cuts of Spongebob and presidential puppet cameos on his motorcycle to the tune of hip-hop tracks.

Don’t leave before seeing:

My Experience: Working as a Pharmacy Technician – his most popular upload, which has over 18,000 views.

Dream Home Based Work

If “work from home” makes your ears perk up, Shay’s channel will make your ears positively elfish! Although she herself is not employed within the medical field, she shares advice, information, and job opportunities for those who value flexibility and want to work from the comfort of their living room. Side note: If this sounds like you, check out Southern Careers Institute’s online medical billing & coding program.

Who she’s for:

Aspiring freelancers, contractors and those who dream of the flexibility of working from home either part or full-time.

Why you’ll subscribe:

Shay puts out lots of videos on job leads and easy way to make side income. She also puts out a newsletter that alerts subscribers to updates to the page, so you never miss a post.

Don’t leave before seeing:

Work From Home Medical Billing, Advice, & More

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