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Is Summertime a Good Time to Take Online Classes? Here’s Why We Think So

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Summer is the perfect time to start working towards your goals. Whether you have just graduated from high school, have been out of school for a while, or want to make a career change, summer is a wonderful time to start. If you are tentative towards starting an in-person program during the summer, consider taking an online course! There can be many benefits to taking online classes during the summertime. Here is why!

Benefits of Taking Online Classes During the Summer 

  1. Get a head start – One of the top benefits of starting training in the summer is that you get a head start on your education. Starting in the summer just means that you are more likely to finish the program and graduate ahead of time so you can start working towards your career.  
  1. Learn on the go – With online courses, you have the freedom to learn from wherever you choose. Do not let starting your education keep you from your summer plans. With an online program, you can take your summer vacations and finish your courses without having to choose between the two! 
  1. Reduced stress levels make for a higher success rate – It is proven that the sunshine and the summer reduce day-to-day stress. What better time to start classes, then? You can ease yourself into a new education while the sun is shining, and the moods are elevated. You can even work and study outside if you choose to do so! 
  1. Keep the momentum going – If you have already enrolled in classes, keeping it up by taking summer courses will help you keep the momentum to finish the program. Many times, taking a long break from courses makes it difficult to start back up and maintain the same study habits. Enrolling in online courses eliminates that problem.  
  1. Enjoy your summer – By taking online classes, you can enjoy your summer! You can still participate in summer activities and soak up the sun, all while gaining valuable training that will help you pursue a career in the future! 


Tips for Studying in the Summer 

  1. Create a schedule – Practicing time management can be difficult but is necessary to succeed in online courses. By creating a schedule, you can map out when you will complete assignments and study for exams. Adhering to your schedule will help you enjoy your summer while engaging fully in your online course! 
  1. Designate a space to study – It can be difficult to learn and study at home if you do not have an area designated for that activity. By creating a place in your home that you use to attend online classes and complete your work, it will be easier for you to shift into the online learning mentality and focus on whatever task you need to complete.  
  1. Limit distractions – Limiting distractions, especially at home, will help you focus on your online courses and be productive while studying. Limit noises, such as TV, other people, or any screen that is not the one you are working on. By limiting distractions, you will complete your tasks must faster, and retain more information while doing it. 
  1. Participate in classes as much as possible – It might seem difficult to do in an online course but participating in class will help you in the long run. If you are taking classes via Zoom, speak up as often as possible in class. Do not be afraid to reach out to your instructor with any questions you have. The more you know, the better you will do in your online course! 
  1. Take notes – Taking notes, even on simple topics, will help you overall. If you take notes, then when you need to study for your exams you will have a guide ready instead of having to sift through all the material. Hot tip: writing down notes instead of typing them up will help you remember the information! 
  1. Create a study group – Utilize your peers and form a study group. Having people other than your instructor to reach out to with questions will help you succeed. And studying in a group will help you and your peers be successful! 


Online Courses to Consider This Summer  

  1. Business Administration – The Business Administration program trains students on the basics of managing business finances. If you dream of managing a small business, having a strong knowledge of business finances can be extremely helpful, if not essential.  
  1. Computer Support Specialist – Computer support specialists maintain networks and provide technical assistance to computer users, especially those with limited or no technical computer knowledge. They troubleshoot problems, answer questions in the simplest ways for users to understand, and optimize hardware, software, and operating systems. The Computer Support Specialist program trains students on the skills needed to pass certification exams and pursue a career in IT. 
  1. Medical Billing and Coding – SCI’s online Medical Billing and Coding program offers training that will prepare you to sit for different medical billing and coding certifications. As a medical billing and coding specialist, you have the opportunity to work as a medical billing and coding specialist in an office, or even from home!  
  1. Cyber Security – The Cyber Security program trains students on the skills needed to be the first line of defense in technology for companies. Students learn to work with databases, networks, firewalls, and hardware so they can properly protect from cyber-attacks.  
  1. Data Science – Extracting and interpreting data is important across many different industries. As a data scientists, graduates can work in different ways with data and analytics to inform companies during their decision-making process. 
  1. Mobile Application Developer – The online Mobile Application Developer program prepares students to design and code iOS apps. The program trains on skills such as using Swift, Objective-C, and how to work within the app store.  
  1. Software Developer -It is hard to decide which programming languages are worth learning. In the Software Developer program, students train on in-demand programming languages, the ins and outs of coding, and the skills needed to pursue a career as a software developer.  



Southern Careers Institute offers a variety of different programs that train students in different tasks to prepare them for their future in Texas. With eight campuses in Texas along with online programs, it is SCI’s mission to provide employer-tailored programs to students, whether students prefer in-person schooling or online learning. To learn more about the programs, start dates, and financial aid, visit 

This article was published on: 07/2/22 2:16 AM

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