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Everything You Need to Know About a Computer Support Specialist

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Hundreds of careers are available in the tech industry, with new sectors popping up everywhere. As virtually all work is hosted digitally in some capacity, computer support specialists are necessary. That begs the question: what is the role of a computer support specialist?

Almost all organizations require the use of computer systems in their daily tasks. Where there is a computer, there is a high potential for technical difficulties that could result in business downtimes. A computer specialist helps handle these problems and solve issues with programs and networks.

If you find it interesting to fix hardware or software, then it is a viable career path. You will first need to understand the different needs of standard computers to get started and learn their recovery paths.  

What Is a Computer Support Specialist?

Computer support specialists may fall among the following three job categories:

  • Help desk technicians
  • Network specialists
  • Tech support specialists.

Regardless of the titles, their primary responsibility is to help solve any computer issues. They will support individuals in an organization to use their computers safely, correctly, and efficiently for maximized productivity.

There are also various unique job responsibilities that they can do depending on their positions and the company. For example, they can work on an organization’s customer support to help customers with issues with their connectivity, software, or any tech tool the company offers.

Another job you can take as a computer specialist is to help employees with daily troubleshooting when they experience issues in the computer systems. You will be handling customer service calls and walking them through software setup or troubleshooting. Sometimes, you will work with other IT professionals to offer in-depth troubleshooting.

The Job Outlook for Computer Support Specialists

Research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows computer specialist careers will grow exponentially by about 8% between now and 2029. It is growing faster than any other anticipated business growth index.

There are many ongoing advancements in technology and other information technology positions that require constant training. The outlook for this career will keep changing over time, and it is the trainee’s responsibility to keep updating their skills and knowledge in the field.

How to Become a Computer Support Specialist

Getting down to the path of a computer specialist starts with obtaining a high school diploma or GED. You will likely take on mathematics, physics, and computer science in high school. It would be best to add computer programming courses and any computer language.

Other employers require their computer support specialists to have a college degree. It would be best to study maths and sciences in college, especially computer science with communication skills. There are no specialized courses dedicated to the field due to its dynamic nature. Even accredited computer specialists will constantly keep learning to renew their skills to stay relevant.

At Southern Careers Institute, we can help you jumpstart your career as a computer support specialist and complete the program in less than seven months. If you are willing to join the growing and rewarding IT market, contact us to learn more about SCI’s Online Computer Support Specialist training program.

This article was published on: 01/11/22 1:26 AM

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