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Medical Billing and Coding Schools: 6 Pictures That Explain What It’s Like


There’s no doubt that dealing with school on top of everything else you have going on can be a real challenge. You’ve got a house to run, kids to take care of, schedules to coordinate and on and on. Adding medical billing and coding school to that list can push you toward your breaking point. It’s important to remember your ultimate goal: A satisfying, successful career. Hang in there by keeping your eye on the prize.

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Tuition, books, supplies and priceless time quickly add up while you’re a student. The good news is that upon receiving your degree certification you’ll be ready to pay off that debt. The bad news is that a little bit of debt is probably inevitable while you’re tackling this important life achievement. Keep calm and carry on.

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Learning a new skill can certainly be overwhelming, especially when it’s medical coding. In fact, there will be times when you’ll feel like you’re studying a foreign language. Persistence, experience and hitting the books often will help you gain the upper hand in your battle against medical terminology.


Don’t like asking people for money? Get used to it. Working in medical billing means you’ll be making those tough phone calls. Patients will have lots of interesting excuses for not paying. Remember not to take it personally; just do your job with a smile. Whether you’re dealing with the patient or the insurance company, you’ll certainly have days where you’ll have trouble keeping your eyes from rolling off your face.


Ever feel like a juggling act at the circus minus the curly wig and polka dot bow tie? It’s easy for time to slip away when you’re knee deep in textbooks, papers and class assignments. Medical billing training will certainly keep you occupied as you work to achieve your goal of a better future. Remember that ultimately you are in control of how you use your time, no matter what those pesky clocks say.

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As a medical billing specialist, you’ll have a lot more power than you realize. You’ll also face frustrations you never knew existed. It’s a busy office environment where the job of sorting and collecting money from patients and insurance companies goes to YOU! While the responsibility can be empowering, it can also be maddening when you’ve got a stack of bills higher than your coffee cup and you’ve been on the phone all morning with a reluctant insurance company.


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