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Getting a CDL: 8 Incredible Benefits of Being a School Bus Driver

A portrait of a school bus driver sitting in his vehicle, smiling at the camera.
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Are you thinking of becoming a school bus driver? Although a school bus driver may not be your first choice as a career option, it can be a truly fulfilling job with tremendous rewards. Today, parents are busier, making school bus transportation an economical and convenient option to move students to school and back home. As the number of kids traveling by school buses increases every year, so does the demand for qualified drivers.

Just like any other job, being a school bus driver comes with its cons as well as rewarding benefits and exciting opportunities. All you need is a Commercial Driver’s License to get started. Read on to learn the various reasons you should consider driving a school bus as a career in Texas. 

Top Benefits of a School Bus Driver You Didn’t Realize 

Becoming a school bus driver is an excellent way to supplement your income if you like being outside. While interacting with kids is one of the best rewarding moments among school drivers, you can appreciate these benefits too! 

Flexible Schedules 

Driving a school bus comes with flexible working hours, allowing you to determine your schedule. Whether you just need to offset some pending bills or want a full-time salary, driving a school bus is your best option. It is a perfect job if you want to enjoy a personal life and still earn money. 

Most school bus drivers work in the early mornings and late afternoon hours, with a long break in-between. Meaning that they work for less than 40 hours per week. You can use this time to indulge in your hobbies or tackle a few house chores. With the regular hours, you can plan your work and even have a second job or further your education. Whatever you choose to do with your hours is on you. 

Connection With the Community 

Being a school bus driver involves meeting different kinds of people daily, allowing you to stay connected with your local community. You get to meet different kinds of people and interact with kids and their families each time you pick or drop them off. This requires you to have strong communication skills to address concerned parents or anxious children. Driving a school bus also gives you a chance to meet integral people in the school and society whenever you take the students on trips. 

Make a Difference in Children’s Lives as a School Bus Driver 

Bus driving can be a fulfilling career if you love kids. You get to see them before and after school daily. Being a bus driver is more than knowing how to drive. It also involves being able to make kids feel comfortable, safe, and loved.  As a driver, you have the chance to interact with children one-on-one each time you open the doors. These brief encounters add up over the years. You never know. You may impact a child’s life with just a cheerful hello. 

A female school bus driver high-fives a new student to make him feel welcome as he enters the bus.

On the first day of school, a mature adult bus driver welcomes a new first grader by giving him a high five.

Salary and Benefits 

Working as a school bus driver comes with a steady income and benefits. A typical school bus driver and their families enjoy most of the following benefits: 

  • Health insurance 
  • Rental insurance 
  • Life insurance 
  • Retirement plans 
  • Dental insurance 
  • Vacation time  
  • Sick days 

No Need for a College Degree 

You don’t need to spend four years in college or prior experience to drive a bus. You need to go through a training program and get your CDL to get started. These programs are available during day and evening classes. Besides, you are likely to get training as a part of the hiring process. This ensures that schools get top-quality drivers knowledgeable on safety rules and emergency procedures. You also learn how to work with kids to ensure the system runs smoothly. 

You can also use this license in other industries like private shuttle companies, tour buses, highway construction, or even become a truck driver. 

Be Part of a Team 

Human beings are social creatures. We want to be accepted and be a part of something. While driving a school bus is a solo operation, it comes with an expanded social network. During training, you get to meet your teammates and fellow drivers. Becoming friends with your coworkers is a great way to form relationships. 

Summers and Holidays Off for a School Bus Driver 

Being a school bus driver is one of the most flexible gigs out there. It is a seasonal job in most states. When schools are closed, you get summers off work. You also get to spend time with your family whenever students are on holiday. This time off allows you to engage in other business opportunities and take on new hobbies. 

Driving a school bus means following the school schedule. You have the same days off as your kids. This provides more time for lake trips, summer barbeques, baking cookies, camping, and making memories with your loved ones. 

No More Indoor Blues 

Do you like working outdoors and interacting with people? Driving a bus does it all. Being stuck behind a desk every day can be monotonous and tiring. Get behind the wheel and explore your community and its surroundings. You can enjoy the gorgeous scenery while getting paid to drive school children to their destinations. 

Driving a school bus is an excellent way for retirees and stay-at-home parents to get out and meet people. It helps to fight isolation and loneliness while earning extra income. 

Get Your Commercial Driver’s License With Southern Careers Institute 

A career as a school bus driver is a perfect move for many reasons. Aside from being one of the few careers allowing for a healthy work-life balance, it has incredible benefits and a flexible schedule. You can also contribute to your community and be a part of something great while earning some money and spending time with your loved ones. 

Sounds like your kind of gig? Southern Careers Institute can help you train, obtain your CDL, and pursue your career as a school bus driver. Seek more information about the commercial motor vehicle operator program at our SCI campuses. Reach out to us today and let us get started. 

This article was published on: 06/22/22 5:09 PM

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