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Billing and Coding: San Antonio Personality Types That Match the Job

Doctors, nurses, administrators, paramedics, medical receptionists – there are many careers in involved in the medical field that works cohesively together to ensure patient treatment and health. Medical billing and coding San Antonio is another one of those careers.

These specialists are responsible for ensuring that the correct patient details are logged accurately and fully for insurance purposes. To become a medical biller and coder, you need to complete a program designed specifically to teach you the necessary skills to perform your work. While education is a definite must, to be truly successful in the medical billing and coding San Antonio field, it helps to have the right personality types too. Do any of these personality traits sound like you?  

The Organizer

In medical billing and coding San Antonio, you will be dealing with huge amounts of information from doctors, nurses, or medical offices. You need to be organized so that all records are kept separate, complete, easily accessible, and addressed in a timely manner.  

Ms. Detail Oriented

Date of birth, workplace address, other relevant patient information, billing amounts, medical and insurance codes, health issues, notes – there are many small but important details associated with medical billing and coding San Antonio. Therefore, another key personality trait is being detail oriented. You need to be cognizant of managing every medical and insurance detail accurately and efficiently to ensure that insurance claims can be processed quickly and correctly.  

The “Private” Eye

Having access to patients’ sensitive medical records requires someone who understands the need for privacy, both for legal and emotional reasons. By thinking of each medical record as anonymous, you need to be able to ensure the confidentiality of data at every step of the way.  

Captain Confidence

Working as a medical biller and coder requires plenty of interaction with different types of people, such as doctors, finance staff, office administrators, and of course, patients. Being clear with your need to obtain information and dealing with potentially emotional patients requires a combination of patience, confidence, assertiveness, and compassion.  

The Analytical Ace

What is involved in being a proficient medical biller and coder? You need to understand medical diagnoses and transform that data into the correct codes for each medical record. Therefore, you need to be able to analyze data thoroughly, understand medical terminology, and use logic to process each record.  

Technical Wiz

While some medical offices and hospitals still use hard copies for some of their information, many locations have been switching to electronic health records. Being adept at learning new medical and billing software, finding the best ways leveraging its efficiency, and helping others make the switch means you will have a better chance at being successful in this field.  

Mr. Dependability

Processing medical records quickly and accurately is an essential skill for any medical biller and coder. Insurance companies, patients, and doctors will all depend on the information you have in your records. You need to make sure that the information is correct and complete, and be able to provide the information when needed.

This article was published on: 03/24/13 1:36 PM

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