A By The Numbers Analysis of Medical Billing and Coding Technical College in San Antonio Texas

If you’re looking for a good salary, job security, and a chance to make a difference, consider a career in medical billing and coding. With hospitals desperate to recoup lost revenues and manage costs more effectively, the demand for billing specialists is increasingly rapidly. Such specialists save money, help hospitals become more efficient, and keep patients, care providers, and insurers happy. If you’re interested in this career, consider:


General Facts

Medical billing and coding technical college in San Antonio Texas are relatively scarce. Of the city’s nearly 120,000 students, only 1,801 were enrolled in schools that even offered medical billing courses in 2010, and only 45 students graduated from such courses. Average tuition costs for such programs were $9,673 per year, not counting the cost of fees, books, and supplies. One tenth of all medical billing specialists in Texas operate within the San Antonio metropolitan area, and the number of billers in the area will rise by 19% by the year 2018.


Palo Alto College

Palo Alto’s medical billing and coding program is designed to teach students the necessary skills for work in this field in only 9 months. The program consists of two 36-hour courses and four 48-hour ones, as well as a 24-hour review course to prepare for the certification exam.


The College of Health Care Professions

The CHCP’s local campus offers two medical coding and billing certification programs in San Antonio: one during normal hours, at a total cost of $17,000, and another in the evening, at a total cost of $15,300. Full time students will be prepared to take the necessary certification exams after only 35 weeks.


St. Philip’s College

St. Philip’s Coding Specialist Certificate program will prepare you for the certification exam in only 22 weeks. To qualify for this program, you must be able to read and write at a 12th-grade level and to do math at a 10th-grade level.


Kaplan College

Kaplan offers its Medical Billing and Coding Specialist diploma at its San Antonio (Ingram) campus and online. The Ingram campus course requires 36 weeks of full-time study; the total cost of this course is 16,189. This fee includes the price of taking the certification exam once; if you do not pass the first test, you must pay for each additional exam on your own.


The Lamson Institute

Lamson’s Medical Biller/Coder/Office Assistant program allows you to gain medical billing and coding certification in as little as 9 months; 87% of students finished the course in that amount of time in 2014. Tuition and fees cost $14,073, while books and supplies cost another $682. Lamson’s medical billing graduates had a job placement rate of 56% in 2014. The median student graduated with $9,382 in federal loan debt, but no debt in private or institutional loans.


The Southern Careers Institute

The Southern Careers Institute, or SCI, offers a 40-hour medical billing and coding program designed to certify students for four different jobs: Certified Medical Administrative Assistants (with an average salary of $21,000 a year in Texas), Certified Billing and Coding Specialists ($29,000), Certified Microsoft Word Specialists ($53,000), and Certified Electronic Health Records Specialists ($78,000). At 82%, our job placement rate is one of the highest among medical billing and coding technical college in San Antonio Texas. The total cost of tuition and fees for our billing and coding program is $16,500.


When picking the right medical billing and coding technical college in San Antonio Texas, don’t rely on numbers alone. Instructional materials, teachers, and school resources all play a role in determining how effective a course is. Visit the Southern Careers Institute to learn more.

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