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Medical AssistantNurse Aide

Difference Between a Medical Assistant and a Nurse Aide

Choosing a career path in healthcare can be overwhelming, especially with so many options to choose from. In addition to nurses and doctors, there are other professionals who are dedicated to the care of patients and their health, such as medical assistants and nurse aides. Although both positions have similar goals, ...
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A certified nurse aide consulting with a surgeon in the operating room.
BlogNurse Aide

How to Become a Certified Nurse Aide in Texas

 Becoming a certified nurse aide in Texas has various requirements. Here are the details on gaining a CNA certification in Texas.  Certified Nurse Aide Requirements in Texas  CNAs in Texas are regulated by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services jurisdiction. CNAs must undergo training and evaluation programs ...
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If you are currently enrolled in an allied health care course, these study tools for allied health students can help you achieve success.
allied health careersallied health programs in texas

5 Study Tools for Allied Health Students

The allied health care workforce plays an integral role in providing quality health care through diagnostic evaluation and treatment of health conditions. If you are currently enrolled in an allied health program, these study tools for allied health students can help you achieve success. 5 Study Tools for Allied Health ...
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How did COVID change being a CNA? The COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world in ways we could have never predicted.
being a CNA in 2021being a CNA in Texas

How Did COVID Change Being a CNA: The Future of Being a Nursing Aide in Texas

How did COVID Change the Healthcare Industry? CNA workers on the frontline of the COVID pandemic have been called heroic. The rapid spread of the coronavirus revealed just how much we rely on healthcare workers. The pandemic has triggered an honest inquiry into preparing for the long-term impacts of the ...
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Bloghealthcare terminology

Why Medical Terminology is Important

Medical terminology is used every day throughout the healthcare industry by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical assistants. It is also used by billing specialists and medical coders as well as insurance companies to document conditions, process claims, and enable patients to apply for their insurance coverage. Healthcare terminology is important ...
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jobs in the medical
Bloghealthcare jobs

Healthcare and Hospital Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

Why Enter The Medical Field? Before looking at the specific positions you’d like to pursue, it’s important to understand why you may want to enter the medical field at all. There are a number of reasons why it’s a very promising career path no matter what type of career you ...
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choose a medical
Blogcertificate programs

How To Choose A Medical Career Path

You may know that you want to work in the medical field, but maybe you’re not sure how to choose a medical career specialty. With so many options, making the right decision can seem difficult, but it doesn\’t have to be. Look at your strengths, your skills, how much schooling ...
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entry-level hospital

How to Get an Entry-Level Hospital Job

Right now, jobs offered in health care are stable and well-paying. Here, we will take a look at the training necessary for you to get an entry-level hospital job. The best way to get an entry-level job at a hospital is to have job-specific training. Southern Careers Institute offers a variety ...
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certified nursing
Blogcertified nurse aide

What Does A Certified Nursing Assistant Do?

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) performs a wide range of duties. In addition to bathing and dressing patients, certified nursing assistant monitor vital signs. This involves taking patients\’ blood pressure and temperature. They also keep patient rooms clean and may assist with medical procedures. CNAs work under the supervision of ...
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nursing experience being a cna -
BlogNurse Aide

Does CNA Count As Nursing Experience?

When entering the medical profession and specifically nursing, one thing all prospective candidates look to obtain is nursing experience. This will help them in their pathway to eventually becoming a nurse after completing their training. There are very few ways for aspiring nurses to get the clinical nursing experience they’ll ...
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Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi Community Colleges

Why and Why Not to Go to a Corpus Christi Community College Corpus Christi community colleges can seem like a great option for students who want to continue their education, expand their employment opportunities, and receive additional preparation before entering the job market. Although community college certainly has several advantages, ...
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Career Services

Certificates, Certifications, Licenses, & SCI Badges — An Explanation

Recent high school graduates and mature career changers have something in common. New grads and job changers alike are exploring the training and education options they’ll need to kickstart their future career. One of the most common questions asked by both is whether they need a certificate vs certification vs ...
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Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Programs

Online Medical Assistant Programs With the plethora of choice out there, selecting the right career path is not an easy decision. Have you taken a look at the health care industry? Careers in this field are prevalent and do not necessarily dictate that you must become a doctor or nurse. ...
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HVAC Program

HVAC Program at our San Antonio North Campus     Southern Careers Institute is excited to offer a our HVAC program at the San Antonio North campus! With the HVAC program, you will be trained for a career in the field of air-conditioning, heating systems, and refrigeration at both the commercial ...
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Medical accountant using a computer inside a hospital; an example of one of the medical billing and coding jobs
Medical Billing And Coding Specialist

Medical Billing Classes

Where to Find Medical Billing Classes in San Antonio, TX   About Medical Billing and Coding Medical billers and coders organize and manage patient and procedure data by ensuring that it remains accessible, correct, confidential and secure. They use various classification systems to categorize and code that information for different ...
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Medical Billing And Coding Specialist

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs

Work From Home as a Remote Medical Billing and Coding Specialist In the United States, the search for medical billing and coding jobs has never been easier. Trained and educated medical billing and coding specialists are currently one of the most in demand groups of professionals in the medical industry. ...
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