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3 Reasons to Learn How to Code

No doubt about it, if you’re coding from scratch and looking to learn, it can be intimidating with all the languages out there. There are a lot of free resources and a lot of places to go to learn coding for beginners, but where does one start? Many people that may otherwise be interested to learn JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, C++ stop because they think perhaps they are making the wrong choice. They don’t want to pick one that won’t get them the job, or that no one will be using in 5 years. I mean, no one wants to pour hours into learning the ‘Blackberry’ of Coding Languages…yikes. Blackberry-SCI-tech-Academy-Blog Just like the first verbal language you learn as a child, the first programming language you learn first sets the foundation for any additional coding language and skills you take on. So, if you’re new to coding, why not learn the script that is used in nearly all web browsers, has great job opportunities, and is relatively easy to learn? Below are the top three reasons you should learn JavaScript when learning to code!

Why Learn JavaScript? Reason #1. It’s Used Everywhere.

First: JavaScript defined.

JavaScript is a computer programming language that executes complex actions on web pages. No matter if you’re on your phone, on a laptop, or an old PC at the public library, any time you click a button, see social posts update in real-time, you will learn JavaScript is most likely involved in making that happen.

JavaScript is like the Starbucks of stacks–it’s everywhere.

The recent explosion of JavaScript popularity recently prompted StackOverflow cofounder, Jeff Atwood to release a statement that eventually became known as Atwood’s Law. It states that ‘Everything That Can Be Written In JavaScript Will Eventually Be Written In JavaScript.’


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PJ Brunet, Full-stack JavaScript Bootcamp instructor, tells us one huge reason this is important: “Anytime you get stuck, there’s going to be someone out there that has the same problem.” This leads to getting answers sooner and creates a “level playing field for everybody and a universal open platform.” More users = more opportunity to create stuff faster.

Why Learn JavaScript? Reason #2. The Job Outlook.

According to the  Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2010 there were over 900,000 software developer jobs posted, with an expected increase of 30% by 2020. An Job Trend tool that compares jobs posted to what job-seekers are searching for. JavaScript has been in the lead as the language to learn in the last 4 years for job postings and it looks as though there is a huge opportunity for JavaScript coders that are looking for work in their field. Learn JavaScript and keep at it and you could be more competitive of a candidate to employers that are looking to find a versatile candidate in that you understand both front-end and back-end frameworks. As Mr. Brunet explains, “Node.JS, which uses JavaScript, is the only language that you can do both front-end and back-end.”

That means, if a company needs both a front-end and back-end developer, they could potentially hire 1 person instead of 2 people to kill two ‘angry birds’ with one stone, if you will. As a JavaScript programmer, you are saving companies cold, hard cash by being able to have experience with both front and back-end languages. That makes a great argument for a higher salary, too. Speaking of which, the national average starting salary for a junior web developer, is a little under $60K according to Glassdoor. Not too shabby for just starting out!


Image credit:–rails-q–python-q–php-q–javascript.html

Why Learn JavaScript? Reason #3. It’s Easy to Get Started.


Ever click on a cool link to an article or video just to have to download the app? It’s like ‘UGHH, let’s just get to the good stuff already!’ JavaScript let’s you get to the good stuff sooner because unlike Python or Ruby that have to be installed, you can run all the interactive elements of a website on your browser. There are so many tools that you can use when you learn JavaScript that immediately let you start cranking out interactive elements, once you learn the very basics, that is. Most full-stack programs will have you learning HTML and CSS first, which are like a comfortable on-boarding ramp to learning JS. We asked Mr. Brunet his recommended reading for those looking to jump into coding for beginners. His take–the Full Quick-Start Guide to HTML. Also, it would not hurt to dust off those algebra books or review a few basic algebraic logic statements before jumping in. However, it’s not necessary to study before applying for a bootcamp. No prior experience is required with the Software Developer program.

Get started for free with a Coding From Scratch course. With SCI’s powered by Woz-U online courses, you are a coder for life–you will always have access to the curriculum as it updates with the changing industries and technologies. Click here to learn more about our programs and go from 0 to coder in as little as 18 weeks.

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