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Tools of The Trade: What Tools Does a New Welder Need?

Welding student performing a modern welding technique while wondering what tools a new welder needs to be successful.
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It’s day one of your new welding career and you’re ready to get started. Or, are you?

As an entry-level welder or welding apprentice, you may be wondering, ‘What tools does a new welder need to give projects a professional touch?”. The truth is, you need a set of essential welder tools to complete intensive welding projects and earn a great salary. The tools of a welder are also crucial in keeping you safe and injury-free while learning and performing various welding operations. 

What Tools Does a New Welder Need? 

Here are the must-have tools for building your welding tool kit.

  1. Helmet and Gear Bag

A helmet is the most basic tool of any welder, and it is crucial to get something user-friendly. You have the option to buy an auto-darkening helmet or one with a solid shade. I recommend the auto-darkening helmet as it allows you to see every workpiece.

  1. Reversible Welding Cap

Welding caps are part of a welder uniform and shield your head from welding sparks. Also, keep fireballs out of your ear canal. Ensure to get a reversible welding cap, so your ears are well protected.

  1. Welding Gloves

When it comes to welding gloves, you can choose the thick ones or the thin ones. Thick gloves are ideal when picking hot pieces and last for a long time. The thin ones are ideal for TIG welding.

  1. Small Angle Grinder

An angle is a necessity—it is challenging to get by without having one. I suggest having at least two angle grinders—one for cutting and the other for grinding.

  1. Safety Glasses

Anytime you are using an angle grinder, your safety glasses need to be on. The sparks you see flying off the disks are small metals, and if they find their way into your eyes, you are in trouble. I recommend buying Series 100 Safety Glasses Smoke and Series 100 Safety Glasses Clear. They ensure nothing hits your eyes when cutting or grinding.

  1. Multi-function MIG Welding Pliers

You are going to need a MIG plier when using a MIG welder. These pliers are easy to use and have multiple functions, including:

  • Remove the hot nozzle
  • Remove the content tip
  • Clip your wire

The other plier you need is the 8″ Quick Adjusting Groove Joint Pliers with Straight Jaw. It is ideal for clamping materials and gripping irregularly shaped objects.

  1. Soapstone Holder Flat

Used for marking tools when working with metals and withstands the high heat of welding.

  1. Chipping Hammer With Cone and Chisel Head

You need it to chip away the slag coating, and welding spatters from welds.

  1. Welding Jacket

Ensure your body is well protected. I recommend using a Firestop Welding Jacket.

  1. Ear Protection

You need earplugs to drown out external noise and prevent ear damage.

  1. Tip Cleaner Standard Set
  2. Professional Combination Square
  3. Single Flint Lighter
  4. Shoe Handle Wire Scratch Brush
  5. Tape Measure
  6. Welding Clamps

You require a lot of tools for being a welder, and it is vital to ensure you have the essential ones with you in your welding tool kit all the time. The above are the essential welding tools for entry-level welders.

The Importance of Caring for Your Welding Tools

Now that you know the answer to the questions, “What tools does a welder need?”, you should also know how to care for these tools. Proper and regular maintenance of your welding tools ensures they last longer and perform as required therefore guaranteeing your safety during operations.

Interested in becoming a welder in Texas? Spark your new career with the SCI Welding training program. And, getting all the tools you need for your hands-on training in HVAC can be a big expense. Fortunately, the Southern Careers Institute tuition includes the SCI Welding Student Tool Kit which contains all the tools you need to start your program and learn how to get the job done right.

This article was published on: 03/10/21 12:05 AM

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