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Is online education worth it?

online education worth it
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Within the past decade, education has undergone a transformation heralding an exciting new era of learning. The issues brought on by Covid introduced a greater need for online education, and institutions were quick to oblige.

Whether you’re looking to begin college, earn a certification, or train for a new career at a trade school, there’s an online program for you!  That is, IF online education is for you.

Does online learning offer all the same opportunities as in-person learning? Yes and no! They are very different in some respect and exactly the same in others. Whether or not online education is worth the time, money, and effort should be decided by the individual. If you are curious whether online learning is for you, here is a quick list of deciding factors.

Time and Speed 

When selecting an education modality an important factor to consider should be pace. How much free time are you allotted in your current situation?  Do you prefer to be guided through lessons or would you rather learn at your own speed?  These are the questions you must ask yourself.

Online education has the unique advantage of offering a learning environment that can be molded to your needs. You can choose when to engage the material and for how long!

We are all familiar with the traditional education modality where you are instructed to attend class at specific times and days; where you are not allowed the freedom of choosing the most opportune time to engage the material. It may seem like a drag to some, but that’s just it!

There will be people on both sides of the fence: some prefer the rigidness of traditional education and others don’t. To decide whether you are a fit for online education, you must find out where you thrive.


Another important question to ask yourself should be about worth! 

Is my choice worth the money?  Is it worth the time and effort?  Can I gain the same skills from my choice as I can the other?  These are important questions that you may not know the answer to without some reflection. 

According to a trends report survey carried out by Best Colleges, “85% of online learners think that their online degree has had, or will have, a positive return on their investment. 77% of online learners feel that online education is ‘better than’ or ‘equal to’ on-campus options. 

People who have completed an online program seem to believe their choice is equivalent to traditional learning! With that in mind, the decision becomes more personal than economical.

The biggest investment bonus online learning provides rather than traditional learning is the money you can potentially save. Online isn’t inherently cheaper than traditional. The lack of commute and room and board costs alone can prove its value. You can also possibly increase your job earnings with the extra time provided by online learning.

Is the increased challenge of online learning worth the freedom you gain?  Is the money you save from choosing online worth the added stressors?


The biggest difference between the two modalities of learning is where. Online learning offers the fantastic benefit of being able to learn from anywhere!  All you need is a reliable internet connection and a device to access learning material.


Since online learning removes you from a physical location, there isn’t much in the way of social connection.  You’re not likely to befriend your peers as easily or have such a direct line to your instructor.  Social butterflies or individuals that rely on others for support may be inclined to avoid online learning.  Others will love the solitude.

Honorable Mentions

With online learning you will gain practical skills you would otherwise miss out on. Online learning allows its participants to gain practical technology skills that should prove useful in an actual work environment. The knowledge gained from having to navigate the portals, websites, video conferencing software and more will aptly prepare students for most office-like jobs.

Online learning also brings a few challenges usually unseen in traditional learning. Because it’s all on your own time, you must make the time! You have complete control, and it may prove difficult to manage for some.

It may be important to note that not every program will have an online option.  You very well can’t learn how to be a nurse without practical experience.

The choice is ultimately yours! Weigh all the factors and choose based on what you can handle. You are in charge of your future.


Southern Careers Institute offers a variety of different programs that train students in different tasks to prepare them for their future in Texas. With eight campuses in Texas along with online programs, it is SCI’s mission to provide employer-tailored programs to students, whether students prefer in-person schooling or online learning. To learn more about the programs, start dates, and financial aid, visit


This article was published on: 05/2/22 9:32 AM

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