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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home 2020

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home 2020

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The month of May is here, which means it\’s almost time to celebrate Mother\’s Day.

During most years, that would inspire people to book reservations at restaurants or plan other types of outings meant to show their Moms how special they are to them.

But, 2020 has been a challenging year in which everyone\’s been forced to stay home due to the ongoing pandemic response.

As difficult as this has been, that doesn\’t mean you still can\’t show Mom what she means to you. And. despite this year\’s stress, Mother\’s Day can still be special.

So, let\’s take a closer look at how to celebrate Mother\’s Day at home.

What To Do For Mother\’s Day

For some, determining how to celebrate Mother\’s Day can come as a challenge even in normal years. Throwing stay-at-home orders into the mix can make that prospect even more challenging.

It\’s important to understand that despite the quarantine limiting your abilities to celebrate Mother\’s Day, you should still plan some sort of special activity, event, or remembrance for your mother.


A time to show your mother how much you value her and what she\’s done for you.

It\’s also a time for partners to show the mother of their children how much they appreciate everything they do.

Mothers sacrifice their time, interests, and much more to help their children grow, be happier, and develop.

That deserves at least one day of recognition, which is why Mother\’s Day is such an important part of showing appreciation.

When figuring out what to do for Mother\’s Day, the first question you should answer is, \”What will make them happiest today?\” Really consider the mother you\’re honoring and what will make them smile and feel appreciated.

7 Mother\’s Day Ideas To Do At Home

Being stuck at home doesn\’t mean you can\’t come up with something fun to do for Mother\’s Day.


Here are seven ideas for what you can do at home to celebrate Mother\’s Day:

  1. Game night. Let Mom pick out her favorite 3-4 games and spend the night playing them with the whole family.
  2. Mother\’s Day brunch. Why not start Mother\’s Day off right with all her favorite breakfast foods?
  3. Talent show. Give the kids an opportunity to show off their talents to sing a song, paint a picture, or pursue another creative endeavor to entertain Mom.
  4. Cook her favorite meal from a restaurant at home. You can also give her a gift certificate to that same restaurant for when she can use it.
  5. Present her with a bouquet of flowers. If your local florist is closed due to social distancing measures, get her favorites at your nearest grocery store and create your own DIY bouquet to spruce up her favorite room.
  6. Gift her a care package. Put her favorite snacks, trinkets, and movies in a decorated basket.
  7. Allow her to take a \”Spa Day.\” Some bubble bath, a couple of candles, and a few minutes of uninterrupted peace and quiet can equal heaven on Earth for Mom.

Why We Celebrate Mother\’s Day

Mother\’s Day is always held on the second Sunday of May. The origin of the holiday goes all the way back to 1914.

Anna Jarvis, a Philadelphia woman, wanted to honor her mother as well as all other mothers for what they do.

Jarvis\’s mother was an activist interested in public health. She also had previously organized events uniting Union and Confederate soldiers in a peaceful way in an attempt to strengthen the community.

Jarvis went to her mother\’s church and persuaded them to honor mother\’s on the anniversary of her mother\’s death. She would then lead a campaign to make it a national holiday.

She was obviously successful — then United States President Woodrow Wilson delivered a proclamation that May 9, 1914, would be the very first Mother\’s Day.

Wilson asked all Americans to show gratitude for their mothers. It has been a national holiday ever since.

Why Is Mother\’s Day Special?

Mother\’s Day is special because it gives everyone an opportunity to say thank you for everything their Moms have done for them.


In cultures throughout the world, people buy Mother\’s Day gifts, arrange Mother\’s Day activities, and come up with a Mother\’s Day plan to show their profound admiration and respect for their mothers.

Many people get Mother\’s Day cards with handwritten messages on the inside to show their love.

Mom deserves a day for herself. Today\’s moms have so many responsibilities. Along with childcare, household tasks, professional work, and the other mountain of jobs they have, they need to remain a constant source of strength and reliability for their children and families.

Mother\’s Day tells them it\’s okay to spend one day out of the year on themselves.

For this reason, it\’s important for the partners and children to make sure they know this. Of course, this can manifest itself in many ways depending on the particular family.

Mother\’s Day gives us an opportunity to let our creativity flourish for a good cause — the cause of showing Mom we really care.

No matter how anyone celebrates Mother\’s Day this year, it\’s less important how you do it than it is doing it in a way that\’s genuine and heartfelt.

How To Celebrate Mother\’s Day

There can seemingly be a lot of pressure on you to find things to do on Mother\’s Day. This year, more than any other year, it can seem like an overwhelming task.

But, even with a limited number of ways to spend Mother\’s Day this year, it\’s not necessarily the gifts or activities themselves that matter.

It\’s the simple act of showing appreciation that does.

Mother\’s Day 2020 doesn\’t have to be a grand gesture. Just reminding your mom that you care and that you value what she\’s done for you might be enough.

How do you celebrate Mother\’s Day?  Is your answer, \”By doing whatever Mom loves\” or something else?

Customize your Mother\’s Day celebration depending on what resources you have available as well as what your mom prefers. Mother\’s Day this year may be different than every other, but it can still be just as special.

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