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5 Hairstyles to Help You Nail the Perfect Look This Fall

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A perfect bob cut, a ponytail made for the cameras, free-flowing hair that glistens with life -name it! There’s no limit to things you could do to your hair this fall to be in step with cool fall hairstyles. Plus, fall comes with its own set of adverse conditions that could make your hair look way less-than-perfect. For example, the cooler temperatures and decreased humidity combine to create brittle and tired-looking hair that nobody likes.

You may also develop split ends and experience more hair loss than usual. For this reason, you need fall hairstyles that keep your mane moisturized and healthy.

These five hairstyles will help you look your best this fall season.

Cute Ponytail Hairstyles

A well-done ponytail is sure to impress onlookers regardless of the occasion when you do it right. Start by straightening your hair, then comb it up toward the desired location on your head. This depends on whether you want a low, middle, or high pony. Be sure to find a moisturizer that suits your hair type and a little mousse to improve shine and tame flyaway hairs. Lastly, gather it together and secure it with a hair tie.

Watch out for mistakes that could ruin your results. For example, don’t tie it too tight because it encourages breakage and worsens a receding hairline. Also, avoid combing down from the roots because it promotes breakage and makes your hair tangle at the ends. More importantly, work with your face shape. If you have a chiseled jawline – typical in square and rectangle face shapes – tie your ponytail at the back of the head and leave some strands to fall over the temples. This action smoothens the angular jawline.

An oval face will look great in a slick pony pulled to the back, while a round face will look good when you have a back-of-the-head pony and tease your hair at the crown to create the illusion of a longer face.  

Beach Waves

Beach waves can do more than spice up your look when heading to the beach. They’re a stellar way to add depth to how you wear your hair during the fall. For perfect waves, get good quality wave spray, wash your hair, spray the hair liberally then clip it with duckbill clips. This idea helps to create dents throughout your hair by pushing up locks of hair, clipping them, pushing the hair up under the clip, and clipping it again until all of it is clipped, and you see an S shape pattern.

Next, allow your hair to dry and unclip, and it will come out in waves that remind you of a perfect look over the water on a beach. You’d also do your beach waves a favor by adding curls with a curler, combing them softly, and dousing them with texturizing spray to get a bouncy waves effect.

Perfectly Straight Hair

Have you been toying with the idea of wearing a flawless flow of hair without flyaway hairs? A flat iron can help you keep your hair evenly straight while keeping the frizz at bay.

Prep for the perfectly straight hairstyle right from the shower by avoiding a vigorous rub with a towel because it’ll invite curling. Instead, pat it dry, run the blow dryer back and forth over it instead of through it, and comb it with a boar and bristle brush for a smooth effect.

Follow it up by spraying your hair with a heat protectant, moisturizing it with hair cream, and straightening it with a flat iron. While at it, avoid picking up fistfuls of hair. Instead, part it in sections that are easy to straighten to see how straight your hair’s getting. Also, ensure your hold is tight and not slack. This way, you get results faster with less damage.

Bob Cut

You could also get a trim up to your jawline to get a chic bob hairstyle. The best thing about this hairstyle is its versatility with hair types. Your first step is to get a hairstylist to shape your cut as desired and in a way that frames your face the best. Next, follow the best practices to keep the style looking as good as new.

For folks with curly hair, ensure you moisturize it right after drying with a towel, then scrunch it to define your curls and tame frizz. Be careful not to brush your hair to prevent crimping and a disorganized look. If you’re dealing with tangled hair, use your fingers to detangle it gently or go for a wide-tooth comb.

The biggest problem with straight hair is the smaller volume, but you can deal with that by applying mousse. Once the mousse does its magic, work your way from the bottom and gently curl the layers with the blow dry, then top it off with hair spray for longevity.

For wavy hair, take advantage of your hair’s texture to get beautiful waves, and use a spritz of sea salt spray before scrunching through it to make the waves more defined. Alternatively, get a curling iron to create perfect waves.

Full and Curly Hairstyles

Maybe you’d like to go all out with a full head of curly hair. In that case, the best place to start is to ask your hairstylist to increase your hair volume with external and internal layers of curls. Also, ask for a feathered cut. This cut produces a nice scrape at the bottom that curls up naturally, and together with external and internal layers, you get a flawlessly full mane of curly hair.

To make it last longer, keep up with tips that extend the lifespan of your curls while preventing frizz. The first and most important tip is to ensure your hair is dry before you apply anything to it. Also, dry it by twisting a towel through the locks of your hair instead of a haphazard rub. Plus, keep off fine-tooth combs and be gentle with your wide-tooth combs. Drop your hair cream for curl cream, and always use deep conditioners. 

Interested in Learning How to Do these Hairstyles?

Each of these styles helps you set the stage for the perfect ensemble. Are you looking to further your stylist skills? Check out Southern Careers Institute’s cosmetology operator program.

Our cosmetology operator program will provide hands-on training in hair cutting and styling, hair coloring, hair styling trends, hair scalp treatments, and more. The lessons help you style your own hair and help you train for a cosmetology career.

You can train for the SCI cosmetology course in Brownsville, Corpus Christi, and San Antonio South campuses in Texas. Learn more.

This article was published on: 10/11/22 1:01 AM

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