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Top Ten Reasons to Pursue a Trade Career
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Over the past few years, the world has taken a unique turn. Many people now opt for careers in trade and tech rather than the typical four-year university courses. For certain professions, degrees are required even for entry-level positions, but it is not always necessary to acquire one to make a good living. Here we look at the top ten reasons why many people prefer trade schools to colleges.

1. Less Debt

It is common for people to find higher education expensive. According to The College Board, the average tuition cost for a student is about $10,000 annually. Many college graduates will leave school with little practical experience and a mountain of student loans that you can avoid with trade schools.

2. Faster Start to a Career

A four-year college student will still be in the classroom when a trade skill student is already earning an income after just two years of skill acquisition.

3. Many Skilled Trade Workers Note High Job Satisfaction

Reports on trades show that self-employed workers rate their job between 8 to 10 on the scale of 1 to 10. The factors for such high rates are the stability and flexibility they enjoy. There is also greater job security as they can adjust their livelihood according to their financial situation.

4. Hands-On Work Opposed to an Office Job

College graduates mostly take careers that they don’t study in school as they will settle for something after graduation. A trade skill gives you hands-on experience and the necessary education to start a personal business and excel in it.

5. There Is Room for All sorts of Skill Sets

You can use various skills to excel in your business in the trade industry. It does not require extreme physical strength or the ability to compute complex mathematical equations. You can create a working business strategy with your skills and proper training. 

6. Enjoy Financial Freedom

A successful trader makes a lot of money and enjoys freedom from self-employment. They can do anything they want and pay almost nothing for it. It beats degree holders who follow the 9-5′ slave-grind’.

7. Family Time

A trader’s work is flexible, and they will be around their family more than those who work in offices. It’s rewarding, especially when you have young kids and train them effectively as they grow up.

8. Call Your Own Shots

A trader makes decisions at a personal level. Such decisions are quick and accurate as they follow their unique needs. There is no obligation to go to work or answer anyone.

9. No Age Limit

Anyone at any age can trade. With booming technology in business, traders don’t retire. You will continue generating income your whole life.

10. Trading Is an Equal Playing Field

You don’t need a degree from a fancy university to guarantee success in trading. It takes skills, persistence, determination, and discipline for anyone to go for it and gain absolute freedom. 

Are you willing to start a career in trade? Join us at Southern Careers Institute Texas trade school to learn all you need to succeed in the field. Contact us today for more information.

This article was published on: 02/2/22 1:19 AM

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