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5 Excel Hacks You Need in 2022

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Rejection and competition are two common reasons why you may fear applying for a job. When a company posts a job ad, you bet there are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants with intimidating CVs fighting for the same position. You’re always wondering how you can stand out, get better at your business administration-related job, or get a promotion. The secret lies in polishing up your Excel skills.

You can get a job fast if you have killer spreadsheet skills. According to studies, 82% of jobs require Excel competence. Mastering Excel tips and tricks is the secret to processing loads of data quickly and correctly; whether it’s employee payrolls, financial records, or marketing numbers.  

All businesses need data to make crucial decisions. Your superior data processing skills make you a strong business link and can even help you make a sprint up your career ladder. These 5 Excel hacks will make you work smart and put you on top of your game. 

1. Flash Fill and Data Recognition in Excel 

Flash Fill is one of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in Excel. AI is the future of data analytics, with functions such as pattern recognition and prediction becoming more important in understanding data.  

Flash Fill works by detecting a pattern in your data and showing a faded list of suggestions for you to fill in. 

For example, if you have a list of first, middle, and last names of different people and you want to create a column with full names, you can use Flash Fill. There are over 10 Flash Fill functions including merging and splitting text, formatting, converting dates to ISO format, and more. 

How to Use the Excel Flash Fill 

  • To get to the Flash Fill option, click on the Data icon and you’ll see a Flash Fill option to your left 
  • Fill in at least one cell for flash fill to detect a pattern 
  • Select the cell and click Flash Fill and the data will automatically fill up with the detected pattern 

2. View Two Windows Side by Side 

One of the top challenges in data analysis in 2022 is data wrangling. Over 40% of analysts and marketers struggle with the manual time required to clean, unify, or update large data volumes. Being able to view two worksheets side by side is a skill you can’t live without. 

When You Want to Compare Two Sheets in the Same Workbook 

  • Click the View tab and then the New Window icon 
  • Go to View again and click on the View Side by Side Icon 
  • Click on the desired sheet in every window and you’ll be able to work on the two sheets side by side 
  • You can choose how you want to arrange the sheets, whether vertically, horizontally, cascade, or tile by clicking on the view and then the Arrange All icon just below the New Window button. 

Comparing Sheets in Different Workbooks 

  • Open the two workbooks first 
  • Click the View button and then click on View Side by Side 
  • Click on the tabs you want to compare in each workbook 

3. Column and Row Freezing in Excel 

99% of companies are investing heavily in big data and analytics to help them become more data-driven as company data increases. Being a pro at Excel in today’s world means knowing how to quickly handle numerous data from different sources. 

The freezing option is your superpower when you are overwhelmed with large data which keeps coming. Freeze Panes help you sort through data. Frozen cells remain visible as you scroll up and down your document, making it easy for you to compare data in different spots on the worksheet.  

A gray line means the rows above and the columns to the left are frozen. For example, if you want to scroll down a worksheet and still be able to see the different headers, you can freeze the first row by: 

  • Select the top row 
  • Go to View and then click Freeze Panes 
  • Click Freeze Top Row on the drop-down menu 

You can also freeze columns. For instance, if you want to freeze the first two columns, you’ll: 

  • Click on the third row 
  • Go to Freeze Panes and click Freeze Panes on the drop-down menu 

4. Copy Formatting With Format Painter 

Aesthetically pleasing spreadsheets are a crucial part of data communication. According to Agency Analytics, aesthetics in Excel reports are crucial especially in marketing. A clean and professional presentation can do wonders for a brand image. 

It should be easy for you to add some finishing touches to give your final document a clean, consistent look. The Format Painter copies one cell’s formatting to other cells with a few clicks. This includes formats such as font size and color, text orientation and alignment fill color, cell borders, and other characteristics such as bold and italics. 

How to Copy Cell Formatting Using Format Painter on Adjacent Cells 

  • Locate the Format Painter below the Home button on the Excel worksheet 
  • Select the cell whose formatting you want to copy 
  • Single-click on the Format Painter button which changes to a paintbrush 
  • Drag the paintbrush along with the cells where you want the formatting 

Cell Formatting on Non-Adjacent Cells 

  • Select the cell whose formatting you want to copy 
  • Double-click on the Format Painter button which changes to a paintbrush 
  • Click on each of the cells where you want to copy the formatting 

5. Instant Cell Resizing 

Resizing cells is a nightmare for many Excel users. Attempting manual resizing is not only time-wasting, it could lead to sizing inconsistencies which affect the aesthetics of your data. The cell resizing function is another Excel function that saves you time while maintaining data aesthetics. Here are 3 hacks you can use to resize your cells automatically. In all these cases, select the cells you want to resize first. 

  • The Excel Autofit feature  – Go to the Home icon and click on Cell Size. You’ll see a dropdown menu with various autofit options including Autofit Row Height and Autofit Column Width. Click on the desired action  
  • You can also use the Wrap feature. Go to Home and click on Wrap Text to fit text in the selected rows and columns 
  • Select the column  and use the keyboard shortcut “Alt+H+O+I” 

There Is Always One More Excel Hack to Learn 

Keeping up with the latest Excel tips and tricks makes you indispensable at work. There is almost no end to Excel and other skills there are to learn to become a guru at business administration and get out of the jobless black hole. 

Sometimes you need a partner to walk you through the ropes for success. Southern Careers Institute (SCI) can train you on the skills needed to pursue a business administration career. What’s more, you’ll learn at your convenience through our online class. Learn more about our business administration program today. 

This article was published on: 07/28/22 1:04 AM

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