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5 Incredibly Easy Makeup Hacks You Need This Fall

A woman applying eye makeup in the mirror before going out.
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You’ve probably already spruced up your closet for the fall with warmer but fashionable pieces – cotton sweater, booties, faux leather leggings, wool hat, etc. If you have mastered the capsule wardrobe, you have just enough easy-to-manage pieces that you can combine in endless ways to always look chic. But have you paid as much attention to your makeup?

We’re all guilty of getting away with moisturizer and lip balm when temperatures start dropping. But there’s always an occasion that calls for you to bring out your best face. That’s where great makeup fits the perfect ensemble puzzle.

So, how do you wear it like a pro without bending over backward? Here are five makeup hacks you should try this fall.

1. Use a Tissue and Powder to Get Long-Lasting Lip Color

Most women can relate to having a flawless pout at the start of an event but three hours in, there isn’t much of a color to talk about. Worse, it sticks to glasses and cups and may even end up in your teeth. Having lip color that sticks isn’t so much dependent on the lip color brand you choose as it does on how you apply it.

To avoid grooves, lumping, or running, apply the lip color, place a piece of tissue on it, then dust translucent powder on the tissue to make it last for long. Also, don’t just glide your lipstick on, hoping one layer is easier to maintain. Instead, opt for a lip brush, dab the color in the middle of both lips, then fill them up, starting with the bottom lip, moving from the edges toward the center.

It would help, too, if you made a habit of scrubbing your lips once a week. It removes the dead skin to reveal an even surface that is easier to work with.

2. Wear Foundation First and Concealer Second

Makeup always works best when the base surface is even. Applying foundation first helps you lay this foundation and will cover up any unevenness. Your concealer will work much better with some of the discolorations, only helping to cover up completely any remaining spots. Going with foundation first is also a great hack if your makeup tends to cake and crease after a while.

When you go with concealer first, you will wipe off some of it when you put on the foundation. You also use more than enough, creating a caked look.

You’ll also want to be careful to match the color of the foundation and concealer to your skin. If caking and creasing look bad with the right foundation and concealer color, imagine how bad it can get with a shade lighter or darker than your face.

3. Prep Your Brows With a Spoolie Brush

Your spoolie is a lifesaver if you know how to put it to good use. For example, when you only have 5 minutes to get out the door, comb up your arches with a spoolie instead of taking more time to fill up your brows with eye pencil. It helps you get a pair of full eyebrows in under a minute.

Even when you have time, a spoolie helps you to tame flyaway brow hairs and get them in the right position to apply eye pencil and get the best look.

Pro Tip: Get a groovy high-precision spoolie with micro-thin strokes to up your chances of getting the most natural-looking brows.

4. Melt Your Eye Pencil or Eyeliner Before Applying

The harder your eyeliner is, the more it tugs and leaves skid marks. You can change this with a simple trick: just melt your eyeliner. Hold it up to a lighter until you see the consistency become tacky. Next, apply it to your hand to ensure it’s not hot or drippy. A warm feeling means it’s ready to apply and it will glide over your lid rather than pulling and leaving gaps.

Avoid looking into a mirror, too, because the reflection tricks your eyes, resulting in skewed lines and visible spaces between your liner and the crease closest to your lashes. Instead, place it down and look into it to help draw your liner as close to your lash line as possible.

5. Get Perfect Cheek Contours With a Makeup Pencil

Contouring can feel like taking a painting class every day, especially if you’re not so used to it. The biggest test is telling where you should dust your bronzer or powder. Here’s a simple trick: place a pencil right beneath your cheekbone and it’ll reveal the correct angle. This technique works much better than sucking in your cheeks because some flesh is still left under the cheekbone, giving the wrong placement. Next, dust your contour powder, then spread it out for a soft finish.

Please note that contouring is not meant to achieve a particular look for everyone. Adding a darker, toned-down shade right beneath the cheekbones and close to the jawline lifts your face, smoothing the harsh lines and creating a natural appearance. Also, concealer under the eyes should be applied in an inverted triangle instead of tiny dots. You not only draw attention to your iris, but it also covers dark circles much better.

A makeup artist using a makeup pen to contour a woman’s face.

Makeup artist contouring the face of a young woman with cream blush.

Become a Pro With Makeup: Learn Cosmetology

A natural look even with makeup is always on trend. These hacks tell you how to look natural and avoid a quick-fading dolled-up look. What if you could learn more than just a few hacks, to become a makeup artist?

Southern Careers Institute is a Texas trade school that teaches a range of business, medicine, pharmacy, tech, and skilled trades, including cosmetology. Here’s what you stand to gain by enrolling in our cosmetology program:

  Get hands-on training geared to help you thrive in the beauty industry.

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  Take advantage of professional development opportunities by serving at Southern Careers Institute’s Southern Star Salon.

The best thing about cosmetology is the opportunity to become a freelancer and enjoy the flexibility of being your own boss. Learn more about our cosmetology program.

This article was published on: 09/20/22 1:27 AM

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