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Automotive Industry Jobs and Careers

Automotive Industry Jobs and Careers

The Automotive Industry

Entering the automotive industry isn’t just a job. For fans of cars, it can also be fun. There are multiple careers for car lovers who have different skill sets.

You just need to know what those careers are and how to receive the training you need. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best careers in the automotive industry.

A Career Path in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a wonderful sector to pursue a career in because there are multiple automotive career paths. No matter what your skill set, there’s likely something you can do involving cars.

If you’re a car lover, there isn’t a better industry to enter. You can capitalize on your existing knowledge and love for cars and apply them to a new field. You can use your natural interest in cars, add some training, and make a career out of that. The best careers are always ones that involve something we’re passionate about.

The automotive industry is not a difficult field to enter. While there is definitely training involved, it’s not a difficult industry to break into. You simply have to possess the right knowledge and have a passion for cars. The next step is understanding what types of jobs exist in the automotive industry.

What Jobs Are In The Automotive Industry?

The number of jobs in the automotive industry is almost limitless. There are jobs for those skilled with their hands. There are jobs for those who are good at sales.

If you’re into tinkering with cars, there are definitely opportunities for you. If you’re more of a designer who likes to think about what makes things work and go, the automotive industry also has opportunities there.

Below is a list of careers in the automotive industry. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it gives you an idea of some of the careers you can explore in this diverse and well-rounded profession:

  • Automotive engineer
  • Automobile designer
  • Auto Sales manager
  • Auto Body technician
  • Car building jobs
  • Auto technicians
  • Automotive body repairmen

Each one of these has different requirements for actually performing the job. A certain amount of training is required. The type of training and how much will depend on the job itself.

While there’s no shortage of career paths in the automotive industry, it’s also important to understand which ones pay the best.

To Be An Automotive Technician

The question is, what is needed to be an automotive technician? Well, becoming an automotive technician or an auto mechanic isn’t a difficult field to break into. And while it’s clearly a lucrative industry to enter, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a very important set of training requirements that go along with it. It requires education prior to entering the industry.

To start with, automotive technicians are typically skilled with their hands. They should have a profound understanding of cars and how they work. A curious mind and the desire to tinker with different cars or machines is probably a positive as well.

According to, most repair shops are looking for automotive technicians with at least the equivalent of an associate’s degree in automotive repair. These courses cover topics such as the maintenance of engine reconditioning, general mechanics, brakes, steering, suspension, transmissions, and air conditioning.

Five years’ worth of experience can often be substituted for a lack of formal training, but it’s difficult to get that experience without some sort of education. Typical automotive schooling can take about two years’ worth of training to complete.


Ultimately, the automotive industry offers a variety of exciting career paths that are great for any car lover. What you do specifically depends on your own personal skills, expertise, and interests. One of the best career paths to pursue is that of an automotive technician.

When looking at the automotive technician’s salary and what goes into becoming one, you may ask yourself, “Is an automotive technology degree worth it?” The answer is a resounding yes. Automotive technology is a good career with many distinctive opportunities.

But no matter what you like to do involving cars, you’ll likely need the training to do it professionally. That’s where Southern Careers Institute comes in. We can help provide you with an automotive technology degree that prepares you for life in the automotive industry.

You may be a car lover. You may possess an intricate knowledge of all things related to the automotive industry. But do you have what it takes to make the move to the next step? It’s not a far-fetched dream, but a reality that’s well within your grasp. With SCI’s training programs, you can take a hobby you’re passionate about and transition to earning a full-time salary.

SCI can give you the tools to lead your own personal transformation into a new you. Let us help you with your new career path. Turn your passion for change into a fun, exciting, new career opportunity!

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