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What is SCI Connect?

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One of the methods we employ to reach the goal of helping students find jobs that suit them well is our SCI Connect Platform.

As a part of student career services, the platform connects graduates to employers who are looking to fill available positions. It also gives employers a taste of who our students are and what they can do before they even begin conducting interviews. 

The mission of Southern Careers Institute is to provide our students with employer-tailored training that makes them marketable in a variety of competitive fields.

We strive to make our graduates highly sought after in whichever industry they choose. Programs in medical, business, technology, cosmetology, and skilled trades offer certification for careers that have purpose and meaning.

What is the SCI Connect Platform?

A major benefit of being an SCI student is the SCI Connect Platform. This online platform is a division of our student career services department that all students and alumni have access to.

The career services team dedicates itself to helping graduates of our programs to secure employment and launch their careers. It also helps alumni take their careers to the next level. 

SCI Connect is a proprietary portal where students can post their resumes and professional profiles for employers to consult when they are looking for people to hire. 

On these pages, students can introduce themselves, upload their resumes and school transcripts, and highlight their achievements, skills badges, and work experience.

They can also create and post a video of themselves performing the duties that the job requires. This helps employers know that the job seeker is well-qualified and will fit within the company culture. 

Furthermore, employers post jobs directly on the portal for students to peruse. The student career services staff pre-screen and update these jobs. Then, a student who is interested in a job that is posted can apply for it right on the portal.

This saves time in the job search for our graduates and streamlines the hiring process for employers. This is helpful because by the time a face-to-face interview happens, the employer and potential hire are already familiar with one another. 

Resume and Professional Profile 

A resume should be more than just a piece of paper. Through SCI Connect, students get help crafting the perfect resume to express their achievements. They also learn exactly what employers are looking for and get instruction on how to best highlight their education and skills.

Perfecting your resume is the first step to making the transition from student to entry-level employee. 

Personal profiles on SCI Connect feature a picture of the student, the resume, any skills badges earned, certifications, employment history, a virtual interview, references, and a summary of what she or he is looking for in a job. 

Essentially, the SCI Connect Platform is a personal employment agency conveniently located right at our students’ fingertips.

By viewing professional profiles, employers learn everything they need to know about a candidate to make well-informed decisions. It also saves time in finding the right person for the job. Our employer partners appreciate this aspect.   

Preparing for a Job Interview

As preparation for going on job interviews, SCI gives students tips and tricks on how to conduct themselves and what to expect.


Woman on a job interview with potential employer after graduating from school.

Students learn how to make a good first impression and the importance of body language and keeping a positive attitude throughout the meeting. They get practice by taking part in mock interviews to get comfortable with the whole process.

Moreover, students get an idea of the questions employers may ask, as well as what questions to ask in an interview. There is also the opportunity to post a virtual interview on their profile pages to introduce themselves to potential employers beforehand.

By the time an in-person interview happens, the graduate and the employer are already familiar with one another. This  “breaking-the-ice” procedure helps the student feel more confident in their interviewing skills. It also makes the entire hiring process seamless for the employer.

Connecting With Employers on SCI Connect

At SCI, we are changing the way our students and alumni connect to employers to get hired. Students get to let employers know exactly who they are and the extent of their capabilities with this interactive career profile. When a student has an interest in applying for a job, she can forward her profile directly to the hiring team right on the portal.

Employers can search, screen, and hire easier and faster. They receive access to resumes and profiles that fit their business needs and can see candidates in action before they are even on the job. If a company likes a profile, they can contact the applicant on the portal as well. 

This creates a beneficial situation for everyone. Graduates can show hiring managers that they are the best fit for the job. Employers have the confidence to know that they are hiring qualified and certified candidates who can perform the necessary tasks. 

Help Finding the Right Job

Freedom to find meaningful work is a right everyone deserves. At Southern Careers Institute, students get exclusive use of career services to help them make the leap from undecided to employed.

Students receive career coaching to determine what field they should enter and help with enrolling at the institute. They learn about any financial aid they may qualify for, as well as assistance filling out those forms.

While enrolled, students have access to tutoring and any special help they need to attain the goal of graduation. This includes access to computers, printers, and other technology available at campus locations. 

Graduates get help with job readiness training, resume preparation, job search, and the interviewing techniques necessary to land that first entry-level position. They also have the chance to hear guest speakers who can help them make career choices and learn what businesses are hiring now or in the future.

Finding the right job has never been easier, just apply at SCI to get started!

Or, contact Southern Careers Institute at 1.833.SCI.TEXAS and finally take control of your future.



Blog Disclaimer: Information stated in this blog is for general information purposes only. does not assume or guarantee income earning potential or salary expectations based on the programs offered at Southern Careers Institute. Career and program information in this blog does not guarantee that programs and specifics are offered at Southern Careers Institute.

This article was published on: 05/28/20 9:00 AM

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