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What is a Hybrid Learning Environment

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What is a hybrid class? This is a question that may arise if you’ve ever looked to pursue further education about a particular topic.

It’s also a term you may have come across while exploring training programs for a new career path. Understanding what a hybrid class is and how it works is integral if you’re looking to learn a skill, discipline, or trade.

It’s an option for a type of class you can take, and it’s important to understand all options available to you.  Let’s take a closer look at answering the question.

What Are Hybrid Classes?

What are hybrid classes and what type of subjects can they accommodate? Hybrid classes can exist for just about any subject.

In a nutshell, hybrid classes have a different format and style of learning from the typical type of class that takes place completely in-person or completely online.

What does hybrid mean? It essentially means that the class has a “hybrid” configuration of both virtual and physical, in-person elements. Hybrid classes represent blended learning models.

The blended learning definition is any type of class structure that incorporates more traditional, in-person learning with more modernized virtual learning.

Whereas, in traditional classes all instruction is conducted in a classroom setting and online learning is conducted strictly over the internet, blended learning allows for a combination of both.

One overview of what a hybrid class could be a class where students show up to a centralized location for one class a week while taking additional classes at their own convenience online. 

How Do Hybrid Classes Work?

Hybrid classes work by allowing students to take the course both online and in a classroom setting. A hybrid learning environment integrates the best aspects of both for better effectiveness in flexibility and mastering core concepts. 

The best way to understand how hybrid classes work is to compare the online classes vs traditional classes model.

Usually, a traditional classroom model involves an instructor providing course lessons in a room students report to at an assigned time. The instructor expects the student to show up to participate. For online classes, students take the course via the internet.

There may still be a designated time that courses are made available or live-streamed, but ultimately, students can take it from anywhere they have an internet connection. Hybrid classes work by having both models incorporated into one.

That means that some lessons are conducted online while some are conducted in an actual classroom. Communication with the instructor or coordinator of the training program is still important, it’s just carried out both face-to-face and over a computer.

How effective is this model of hybrid classes and blended learning?

One study from the National Institutes of Health showed that “the application of blended learning had a positive impact on students’ achievement.” 

What is it Like Taking a Hybrid Class?

Taking hybrid courses can have many benefits for students, but it all depends on how you learn. The biggest benefit is that it can give you the direct, personal touch of an in-person class while still retaining the flexibility of an online course. 


Of course, this model can prove challenging for some. It involves being onsite for some instruction and receiving other lessons elsewhere. If one learns better using only one of the learning formats that make up a hybrid class, they may perform better in a class that is more uniform.

But ultimately, most students can benefit from a hybrid education. They can establish a personal connection with their class coordinator while also having the freedom of taking some of the course load online. 

Difference Between Hybrid Class and Online Class

Before taking a hybrid course, it’s important to understand the differences between hybrid vs online courses. While they have similarities, they’re not exactly the same. There are a few critical distinctions between hybrid and online courses.

The major difference is that while online classes are 100% virtual, hybrid classes are only partially virtual. It incorporates online and traditional elements, unlike a course that’s strictly online and relies on the participants logging on for every class remotely.

Typically, online classes are more flexible for scheduling and learning purposes while traditional classes offer a more hands-on approach to learning. One of the major advantages of the hybrid class is that it offers the best of both. Learners can receive the focus of an in-person class format melded with the versatile online structure as well. 

Are hybrid classes hard? The classes not harder or easier than any online class, especially when choosing the right program.

Online classes are growing in prominence as more educational providers turn to the digital realm to assist in providing instruction. Similarly, hybrid classes tap into that same virtual spirit while also embracing the tried and true method of classroom learning. 

Hybrid And Online Programs In Texas

Hybrid learning is a great option for busy learners looking to launch a new career path online. It integrates online scheduling flexibility with the old-school mentality of learning face-to-face.

Whether it’s a hybrid math class or vocational program, there are useful hybrid programs available for anyone looking to build their skill set, add to their knowledge base, or enter a new and exciting field. 

The question then becomes “How to identify the best hybrid and online programs for you, particularly hybrid and online programs in Texas?” You’ll need to identify a platform that has the programs you’re looking for.

Can they also help you receive not just the knowledge and skills you need, but also any relevant certifications?  If you’re looking for a hybrid class program in Texas, look no further than Southern Careers Institute.

SCI offers a comprehensive educational platform with programs that can help you dive into a wide variety of industries and professions. Our school offers hybrid and online programs for those who prefer either option. 

So, why wait? Start a new career path and find your purpose and meaning. Give yourself the freedom to find meaningful work. For more information, contact us today



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This article was published on: 05/18/20 8:30 AM

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