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What Does An Administrative Assistant Do?

administrative assistant
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One of the most common but essential positions found in all industries is the administrative assistant

According to, the administrative assistant definition is a person who aids an executive or corporate department. Individuals in this job role coordinate office procedure and services such as maintenance, supervision, and workflow. Coordination of workflow includes overseeing programs, budgets, personnel and records for the entire corporate department. 

Supportive roles in the job include a variety of tasks that include the general office tasks, but also managing schedules of employees and superiors. Assistants often communicate through a variety of channels. The various channels include personal interactions, telephone, and email correspondence on behalf of the office and those they are supporting in their role as an administrative assistant.

Types of Administrative Jobs

Depending on the level of support provided by the administrative assistant it is critical to know what are the administrative job titles and how do they vary?

Administrative Assistant vs Secretary

While there are a few tasks that are overlapping between the two positions, there are differences between the two positions. A person in this position holds the responsibility within the office and is responsible for overseeing the tasks performed by the secretary.

Administrative Assistant vs Office Manager

As an admin assistant or office assistant, the majority of tasks assigned are designated to one or few members of Administration, as compared to an office manager who is required to oversee more general tasks by their employees.

Administrative Assistant vs Receptionist

As the secretary, a receptionist is only a point of entry for communication between a client and a representative of the office. Administration based assistants have more responsibility and unique tasks that are directed to their administrative parties.

What are Admin Skills?

The skills of an effective administrator or administrative assistant are the same regardless of the industry. This is due to the overall similarity of functions performed in this position. A few qualities of a good admin assistant are:

  • Technologically Advanced
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Multi-Channel Communication

These are some of the most sought after skills for companies and offices that are looking to hire for the position. Many successful admin assistants learn how to develop required skills needed through other jobs like being a secretary or receptionist. Experience and a can-do attitude are ideal when it comes to learning how to develop the necessary skill set and move into your projected career path.

In order to perform the most common administrative assistant functions, these individuals must be able to handle communication properly and have skills in customer service. Others take their skills to a new level and learn to be tech-savvy with equipment and software that has use across many business-related offices. Additionally, these individuals are able to properly manage their time and pay close attention to detail.

Benefits of Being an Administrative Assistant

There are several benefits and reasons to be an administrative assistant. Here are a few beneficial aspects of the job:  


As an admin assistant, you can take advantage of industry networking through meeting and working with others within the company. These individuals have an “insider” position to the working parts of a company and its people. 

Find Growth in Your Position

As an administrative assistant, there is room to exceed any expectations of your superiors and build your job security. Growth in this position is simple in comparison to other careers. This is because you work so closely with the people in charge to ensure effective company operations. 

Learning New Skills

While working as an administrative assistant, you are presented with a variety of tasks everyday. The day to day tasks of an assistant can definitely make your day a little more interesting. Additionally, admin staff like assistants are known to learn new things on a regular basis.

Highest Paying Administrative Job

So, what is the highest paying administrative job? Administrative assistant positions bring in a fair salary or paycheck. Depending on the company, this can range significantly depending on both duties and experience. The admin job annual salary can be based on an administrative assistant hourly pay, or on a fixed amount that is guaranteed with each paycheck.

The average administrative assistant professional salary in Texas is $41,000 for those with an annual salary. This salary continues to grow for those who are gaining experience in the field and broadening their skills everyday.

Moreover, many who works in the profession part-time receive hourly pay. In Texas, this is averaging around $15-$18 per hour depending on one’s level of experience. For many looking to enter the professional assistant industry and further their career, this salary is substantial.

Be a Successful Administrative Assistant

If you are curious about how to be a successful administrative assistant, there are a few things you need to know. In order to be a successful administrative assistant, you must have several office skills. Generally, operating the standard equipment and answering telephones are key to this position. You must have experience working with the following tasks:

  • Budgeting
  • Making Travel Plans and Arrangements
  • Managing a Personalized Schedule
  • Contacting Clients and Colleagues
  • Booking and Scheduling Meetings

Additionally, to be a successful administrative assistant having personal people skills as an employee as well as a professional.

  • Confidence
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Team-oriented

The best and most successful administrative secretaries, aka assistants put their best foot forward every day. This type of position is not for everyone. It takes a certain person with a set of skills and professionalism to  complete the tasks at hand. Especially, in a smooth and effective manner. Having a deep understanding of the company industry and being confident when speaking to third parties, clients, or other employees is paramount.

One of the best ways to develop and enhance your skills is to gain experience through an administrative assistant program. The design of this type of program is to teach you the fundamental and advance skills to get the preparation you need for success within this choice of career path.  

Career Paths for Administrative Assistants

When considering an administrative assistant career path in the state of Texas, it is critical to choose a program that understands current and industry relevant skills. With our administrative training program at Southern Careers Institute, we strive to give our students abilities needed to be successful. Having a foundation to continue building your careers and Advancing your skills for careers in the future is our goal. 

You can find a position as an administrative coordinator or office manager and achieve your career goals with the completion of our program. Contact us today for more information and redirect your professional career.




Blog Disclaimer: Information stated in this blog is for general information purposes only. not assume or guarantee income earning potential or salary expectations based on the programs offered at Southern Careers Institute. 


This article was published on: 01/2/20 1:30 PM

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