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The Best Way and Benefits to Become Makeup Artist

A female makeup artist is applying lip liner to a client.
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If you are someone that is interested in makeup, then you should definitely consider becoming a makeup artist. This is a very rewarding career that allows you to do makeup for a variety of occasions. For example, work at weddings, photoshoots, pageants, theater makeup, and more. While becoming a makeup artist may differ from person to person, there are benefits to receiving a license. Here is how to become a makeup artist in Texas.

Attend a Texas Trade School to Become a Makeup Artist 

The first step in the process is to attend a Texas trade school that specializes in cosmetology. The Southern Careers Institute offers a cosmetology program that teaches a variety of skills within the field of cosmetology. These include hair cutting and styling, hair coloring techniques, hair styling trends, hair and scalp treatments, facials and skin care treatments, nail techniques, makeup application, waxing and hair removal, and salon operation and management. All of these skills are important to having a successful cosmetology career. Further, the makeup application aspect of the course is especially important to your future profession.  

Complete Both Classroom Learning and Hands-On Training 

As part of your schooling, you will have both classroom hours and hands-on training hours. These hours are both very important to your success as a cosmetologist, and more specifically, a makeup artist. The classroom hours teach you all the theoretical concepts that you need to learn before you begin the hands-on work. Then, you will be tested on these concepts to make sure that you fully understand them. You will have different professionals talk with you and teach you. Thus, helping you gain great knowledge from those who have spent a lot of years in the field of cosmetology. You will slowly begin to perform hands-on training and will start off with basic cosmetology tasks.  

As you gain more hours and experience, you will be able to try other cosmetology skills that are more advanced. This helps you to learn how to perform these tasks before you even graduate from cosmetology school. This involves first working on mannequins. Then, you’ll slowly start to work with actual clients that come into the cosmetology school.  

A female makeup artist is applying makeup to a female model backstage at an event.

Benefits of Becoming a  Professionally Certified Makeup Artist 

There are a lot of awesome benefits that come along with becoming a professionally certified makeup artist. 

More Likely to Get Hired 

For one thing, people will likely be a lot more apt to hire you at their salon or other professional location because you have the proper credentials for the state of Texas. These credentials let future employers know that you have trained for the role that you are applying for. This is especially true if you are in competition with someone who is not professionally trained.  

Get More Clients 

You will also be able to get more clients because they will see that you have your cosmetology license, and specialized makeup application training, which gives them full confidence in your abilities. Also, you can hang your cosmetology certificate on the wall at your salon, as well as any other specialized makeup certifications that you may have received.  

You Have Hands-On Experience 

Another benefit is the fact that you have had a lot of hands-on experience in school, so you aren’t completely new to the profession. This helps you to feel more confident in your abilities, which will show when you are working with clients. This is important because your clients want someone who can do a variety of makeup techniques with confidence. Thus, they look their best for whatever occasion they need their makeup for.  

Access to Makeup Discounts 

As a certified professional, you have access to discounts on makeup products. These discounts are important because you will be using a large variety of makeup on your clients, and this helps you to save a great deal of money on all the products that you are using. This allows you to become more profitable as a cosmetologist and have a very successful career.  

Learn the Business Side of Things 

Going to cosmetology school is also important for your career as a makeup artist because you learn a lot about the business side of things. This is highly important because knowing how to be a good business owner is a big part of whether or not you will be successful as a makeup artist. While the makeup skills are highly important, knowing how to get clients, keep clients, handle money, etc., are all key to a long and rewarding career that keeps you financially secure.  

Gain More Creativity 

Working with other makeup artists during cosmetology school helps you to gain your own level of creativity. This is so important to set yourself apart from other makeup artists because you will have a unique style. When you show potential employers and clients your portfolio, they will be able to see your style and technique and can determine whether or not this is what they are looking for.  

Become a Makeup Artist in Texas With SCI 

Overall, you really can’t go wrong when you decide to go to a Texas trade school that offers a cosmetology program because you learn so much and gain a lot of experience during the process. This includes both classroom and hands-on learning. You will also benefit more in your career from going through a cosmetology program because you are more likely to get hired, you will get more clients, you have more hands-on experience, you have access to makeup discounts, and you learn the business side of things, and you gain more creativity.  

To attend an awesome Texas trade school and start the process of receiving your cosmetology license to become a makeup artist, visit us today at Southern Careers Institute. 

This article was published on: 07/12/22 1:33 AM

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