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How to Pursue a Medical Career By Training Online

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Did you know that you can pursue a medical career online? On top of that, you may be able to work in the medical community from home! How is that, you might ask? The answer is medical billing and coding. You can choose to train on medical billing and coding skills online, and, depending on your employer, may be able to work remotely as a medical billing and coding specialist. What is a medical billing and coding specialist? And how can you pursue a career as one? Let us take a look.

What is a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist?

A medical billing and coding Specialist works with health care facilities to ensure that they receive compensation for their services and bill their patients and insurance providers accurately. medical billing and coding specialists review medical records and assign codes to any diagnoses and treatments the doctor may administer. This position is responsible for making sure the billing process goes smoothly between patients, insurance companies, and healthcare facilities.

How to Become a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

In Texas, you can become a medical billing and coding specialist after completing a program in the field that prepares you to sit for medical billing and coding certifications. A medical billing and coding program trains on skills in medical insurance, medical coding, billing practices, computer skills, and office procedures. Depending on the institution, you can complete the program in as little as nine months. During the program, you may train on skills such as:

  • Medical terminology: You will train to spell and understand the terms that are used in the medical field, including all aspects of the major body systems, diseases and conditions, prefixes and suffixes, common abbreviations, and medical office descriptions.
  • Healthcare laws and ethics: Healthcare is full of legalities, and as you will be handling patients’ medical details, you will train on the legal and ethical aspects that relate to medical billing and coding.
  • Appeals, hearings, and collections: You will train on the processes surrounding appeals to insurance companies, how to create written appeals, and guidelines regarding medical billing collections.
  • Office procedures: To use the skills you gain as a medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll train on different office procedures so you can work seamlessly within the office space and gain the soft skills to make working with customers a strength.

After completion of the program, you may sit for medical billing and coding certifications such as:

  1. Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) – Passing the CBCS exam qualifies candidates to become medical billing and coding specialists. The exam will test candidates on topics such as insurance eligibility, procedures for claims processing, knowledge of medical coding, and more. 
  2. Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) – By passing the Medical Administrative Assistant exam, you show that you know how medical offices work, inside and out. This certification shows future employers that you have the skills to keep a healthcare office running smoothly. 
  3. Electronic Health Records Specialist (EHRS) – The Electronic Health Records Specialist certification exam shows that qualified candidates know different skill sets such as auditing patient records, coding to submit reimbursement claims, reviewing insurance information, and discussing patient information with both physicians and insurance companies. This certification is very helpful for those who want to work as a medical billing and coding specialist.

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is any type of instruction or education conducted virtually with the use of the internet. The style, format, and content of the course itself can vary depending on what is being taught and by whom. But what every online learning course has in common is that there is distance between the learners and the instructor.

Online school may be more manageable for both the students and the instructors because they don’t have to be in the same room. They do not even have to take it at the same time – instructors can teach the online lessons live or with pre-recorded videos. Here are some other benefits of online learning:

  1. Learn from home – With online learning, you have the option to learn from home or anywhere that has internet access. Not having to commute to school can make learning more accessible and convenient to fit within your schedule.
  2. Less debt – Most of the time, online courses cost less than an in-person program because school maintenance is not included in the tuition fees. Additionally, online learning can be more economical because you may save significantly on accommodation, travel, and tuition costs. It provides a cost-efficient way to access learning materials and do your coursework without spending extra money getting to class.
  3. Flexibility – Online courses may provide greater schedule flexibility than attending in-person, and some learners may find that they can adapt their learning rate better to online courses
  4. Time management – For learners with busy schedules, taking online courses may be a better option for time management. Without the hassle of driving to a branch campus, you can manage your time easier and tune into classes anywhere with an internet connection. 

SCI Online

If you are considering pursuing a medical career but do not know where to begin, think about an Online Medical Billing and Coding program at Southern Careers Institute. To learn more about the Online Medical Billing and Coding program, start dates, and financial aid, visit us at

This article was published on: 09/2/22 1:34 AM

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