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8 Top Welding Jobs in Texas

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Texas has one of the most resilient economies and is among the best places to live and work in the US. Thanks to the fast-growing economy in the state, opportunities abound for tradespeople. If you’ve always wanted to pursue a welding career, Texas is an excellent place to live it out. Further, the state hosts companies associated with welding, including General Electric, Space X, and oil drilling firms in the Gulf of Mexico, meaning there are limitless welding jobs. After completing your training at a Texas trade school, everything will boil down to one question: how do I find a welding job? Well, here’s an overview of the top welding jobs in Texas:

Construction Welding Jobs in Texas

Welding is a critical component of construction projects, and with hundreds of ongoing construction projects in Texas, construction welding jobs are plenty. Typically, these welders work in residential and commercial construction projects.

Commercial construction welders receive high levels of training and usually undertake complex jobs requiring metal components. This also includes complex HVAC systems, bridges, extensive plumbing systems, and even bridges. Conversely, residential construction welders perform considerably simpler tasks like joining gas or water pipes. They mainly have expertise in handling plumbing-related tasks in residential construction.

Structural Steel Welders

Commonly known as ironworkers, these welders primarily focus on assembling frameworks and constructing steel structures. If you are a structural steel welder, you can work in different sectors, including mining, shipbuilding, construction, aviation, and oil and gas. Since these industries are a critical cog in the Texas economy, opportunities abound for structural steel welders. 

Manufacturing Welders

Texas has a vibrant manufacturing industry, and it’s a no-brainer that any company with metal equipment needs skilled manufacturing welders. These tradespeople’s work isn’t limited to the manufacturing and automotive industries. The sectors where you can then work as a manufacturing welder include mining, agricultural and structural metals manufacturing, and motor vehicle manufacturing.

A manufacturing welder’s work primarily entails welding metal components of different sizes and types to fix old products or create new ones. The quality of metal equipment and products depends on how the constituent components fuse. For this reason, the work of manufacturing welders is essential.

Sheet Metal Welders

Three professionals working one of the industrial welding jobs in Texas

Three welders working on large metal structures

As the name suggests, these are specialist welders whose work is to create, install, and repair sheet metal products. Their work involves studying the blueprints offered to them and deciding the welding method to employ and the metal sheets to use. The welders will then cut and weld the sheets as per the required dimensions. If the metal sheets are in the form of separate pieces, the welders can assemble them as needed.

Sheet metal welders also perform maintenance work. It may include servicing air conditioning, ventilation, heat systems, and roofing repair. Multiple sectors require their expertise, from home construction and renovation to manufacturing. Thus, you can easily find a job after completing your training as a sheet metal welder.

Industrial Maintenance Welding Jobs in Texas

Industries use complex equipment and machinery, which see considerable action. The machinery and equipment are exposed to significant wear and tear, leaving them susceptible to damage, and that’s where industrial maintenance welders come in. Their work is to undertake repairs on the machinery and equipment.

Industrial maintenance welders are experts at welding, repairing, modifying, and fabricating industrial machinery and equipment. Most industries have these welders on speed dial because equipment and machinery breakdowns can significantly impact productivity. Having industrial maintenance welders on board can ensure repairs are done promptly.


These specialized welders are involved in the manufacture and installation of boilers and containers meant to house gases and liquids. Boilermakers are welders who assemble, install, and repair boilers, large vessels, and closed vats holding gases and liquids. The complex nature of their job makes them some of the most specialized and well-trained welders.

If you would like to become a boilermaker, you must undertake basic welding training before you specialize in welding boilers. With so many oil and gas fields in Texas, there are numerous opportunities to exploit after qualifying as a boilermaker. 

Rig Welding Jobs in Texas

Texas is the nation’s leading oil producer, and the state is awash with oil and gas rigs. This is an industry where welders are a critical component of the workforce. Whether it’s an off-shore or on-land rig, welders are essential. The initial rig assembly and regular repairs and maintenance usually rely on the rig welder’s expertise. 

Their work ensures the rigs are well set up and strong enough to withstand the typically hazardous conditions in on-site and off-site oil and gas fields. Rig welders often work on-site and perform more complex and challenging tasks than other welders.

Motorsports Welders

Are you a racecar enthusiast, and you’ve always wanted to be a welder? If so, training as a motorsports welder will be excellent for you. When people go to watch motorsports like NASCAR, the focus is always on the drivers, but welders play a significant role in the background.

Theirs start from the onset during the assembly of the racecar. They also help with the cars’ maintenance and repair. Given that the cars used in motorsports withstand extreme tension and pressure to deliver optimum performance, welders play a significant backroom role. 

Need Help Finding Welding Jobs in Texas?

Now that you know about the top welding jobs in Texas, you have enough reasons to give it a go. Southern Careers Institute, the number one welding school in Texas, offers you the opportunity to train as a welder at one of its locations in Waco, San Antonio, Pharr, Harlingen, Austin, and Corpus Christi. 

Our hands-on training program takes as little as seven months and allows students to gain the necessary expertise in industrial, commercial, and small-business welding work. The program trains students in all aspects of welding, including Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick welding). 

If you are interested in a welding career, contact us for more information about the trade and our training program.

This article was published on: 11/10/22 4:44 PM

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