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5 Summer Beauty Trends

5 Summer Beauty Trends

You can make a difference as a cosmetologist. Helping clients find the right makeup, nail, or hair look for them helps them to achieve their career goals, personal milestones, and more. People are a little bit happier and a little more vibrant when they’ve seen a cosmetologist who helps them find their personal style.

As a cosmologist, you have to stay on top of a lot of information. You need to know about makeup, hair, nails, safety procedures, health information, how to run a salon or shop, and more. There are a lot of logistics to know, like what trends are popular in each season.

Summertime is fast approaching, so you’ll want to stay up to date with all the popular beauty trends this season. Let’s dive into the top summer beauty trends leading us into the 2023 vacation season that will inspire a summer glow-up for you and your friends.

1. Dark Smoky Eyes

This trend might surprise you, but it is in to choose a smoky eye. There are so many ways to achieve a bold, dark smokey-eye. You can choose to smudge dark black liquid eyeliner and couple it with a bold eyeshadow. Of course, bold lashes are always important to finish off the look.

It might seem like a dark smoky eye would be more appropriate for the wintertime, but this summer, celebrities like Emma Chamberlain and Gemma Chan prove the smoky eye is great for summer, too. This trend is popular because the nineties are back, and the smoky eye is a makeup look with a nineties-inspired feel. We saw the smoky eye on Kate Moss decades ago, but the trend is back and popular today.

2. Underpainting Your Face

Usually, when we apply makeup, we put blush on top of our foundation. However, in 2023, things are changing. Many makeup artists say it is better to put blush on first. When you do this, the face will look more glowy and contoured.

Here’s another tip: when you’re applying blush, you shouldn’t smile like many people advise. Instead, keep a straight face while you’re putting on blush, and apply it in a diagonal line from the middle of your eye to your cheekbones. When you do this, you’ll create the flushed illusion you’re looking for.

3. Glaze on Lips

While the makeup industry is embracing bold eye looks, it is also encouraging natural looking lips. Instead of bold, matte lipsticks, this summer, it is in style to use glossy lip oils.

Just because lip oils are more natural looking doesn’t mean they deny us bright color options. There are so many different colors lip oils come in, so you can still rock a red or pink lip this summer.

It makes sense that lip glaze is so popular because it makes the lips look fuller and more plump, as it is becoming more and more popular to forgo procedures in favor of a more natural look. Lip glazes help to achieve a full lip without any surgery.

4. Iridescent Nails

This summer is the summer of chrome and iridescence according to nail experts. For years, nail techs have emphasized the importance of bold nails, but this summer, instead of opting for bright colors or patterns, professionals love to see shiny chrome hues. A lot of current beauty trends take inspiration from the “mermaid core” aesthetic which is popular on social media.

This finish can come in silvers, golds, pinks, purples, blues, and more. Plus, when you put your nails under the sunlight, you’re going to see it glow.

5. Rockstar-Inspired Hair

Sure, this summer, we love to see the mermaid aesthetic, but we also love to see the rock and roll aesthetic. You can spruce up your look by embracing bold hair inspired by the 1970s. Whether you choose a mullet or big, long, voluminous hair, take inspiration from rockstars in the seventies.

Shag curtain bangs have been in style for a few seasons now, but these are still popular if you pair them with voluminous long hair. Another important thing to remember is to embrace your natural hair. These days, it is on trend to let your hair dry naturally. Keep your natural waves, curls, and hair texture. There’s no need for blow-drying this summer.

Learn Cosmetology at Southern Careers Institute

If these summer trends get you excited, then a career in cosmetology might be the right choice for you. At Southern Careers Institute, we can train on the skills to become a cosmetologist. In our Cosmetology Operator program, you can finish your program in as little as 40 weeks, with successful, fulltime enrollment. You’ll learn how to style and cut hair, makeup application skills, hair coloring, nail techniques, and more. 

Whether you’re changing career paths, or you’ve always wanted to be in the field of cosmetology, we are dedicated to training our students on the skills needed to succeed. If you’re eager to begin your career, Southern Careers Institute might be right for you. Contact us with any questions and to learn more about our program.

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