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Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville

southern careers institute in brownsville tx
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SCI in Brownsville Texas – A Rising Star

While there is no shortage of vocational schools claiming they can give you a quality education, not all have a history of success with students. It’s essential to choose a campus where past students have thrived and gone on to gainful careers. The Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville TX is just such a campus:

Studying Success
The Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville TX boasts a high graduation and career success rate. Although figures are not available for specific campuses, SCI has a strong track record for all of the programs offered in Brownsville, including:

  • Administrative Assistance– 65% of students finish this program within the intended 27 weeks. According to the Council on Occupational Education, 91% of graduates find employment in a related field within a year of graduation.

  • Business Accounting– 85% of students finish this 33-week program on time, and 82% find related jobs.

  • Medical Billing and Coding– 89% complete this 36-week program on time, and 86% are accepted into related jobs.

  • Cosmetology– While only 42% of students graduate within 50 weeks, 100% of graduates find gainful employment.

  • Medical Assistant– 86% finish within the intended 39 weeks, and 85% get related jobs.

  • Medical Office Specialist– 85% of students finish in 30 weeks, and 93% gain positions in related fields.

The Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville TX owes its success to a combination of diligent students, committed instructors, and effective practices. Our most successful methods include:

Extensive Externships
Externships, or guaranteed internships that immerse you directly into the field you intend to work in, are a central part of the SCI experience. Many of the careers we prepare you for are fast-paced and require great attention to detail, skills that academic training alone cannot teach. By immersing you in these fields, we ensure that you will be prepared for all the likely challenges when you take a full-time job. Our externships also provide a valuable chance to network, making connections with potential employers, co-workers, or business partners. This makes it easier to find a job as soon as you graduate.

Hands-On Highlights
Our emphasis on externships is closely related to our broader emphasis on hands-on education, which is crucial in many of the fields we teach. While academic learning may provide students the knowledge they need to succeed, many struggle to apply that knowledge to the real world. Thus even within the classroom, our students perform the same tasks they will have to perform on the job. This encourages the muscle memory and automatic associations they will need to succeed in their careers.

A Comprehensive Campus
The Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville TX spares no expense to provide all the resources you need to succeed in your studies. On the campus you will find labs, libraries, and the most advanced equipment available for training in your field. In addition, the campus is full of green spaces, which help students to relax. Given that many of our students are juggling full-time jobs and family care in addition to their studies, the chance to relax in green spaces is essential to their success. Although the Southern Careers Institute in Brownsville TX has a strong track record, it is not necessarily right for you in particular. Even if you don’t choose another school, you may be better suited at one of our other campuses with different programs, or you may want to take our online classes. For more information on choosing the right education strategy, contact the Southern Careers Institute today.  

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