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Why Women Should Consider a Truck Driving Career

Surprisingly, only 6.2 percent of truck drivers in America are women. Here are a few reasons women should consider a truck driving career.
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The American Trucking Association estimates that in an industry that employs about 947,000 drivers, only 6.2 percent of their entire workforce is women. While the trucking industry was disrupted by the novel COVID-19 virus, experts are confident that the current bounce back will continue with health mandates in place. So…should women consider a truck driving career? The answer is a resounding Yes! 

Five Reasons Women Should Consider a Truck Driving Career

Excellent Prospects 

The rise of the e-commerce industry has substantially increased the demand for truck drivers. Unfortunately, most of the drivers already in the services are approaching their retirement dates. A 2018 study revealed the trucking industry needed to fill 900,000 positions to meet the current needs, which is great news for women looking for a career change with guaranteed real earning potentials and future growth potential. Trucking companies currently offer high benefits such as paid leave, retirement plans, colossal pay increases, and large signing bonuses. 

Opportunities to Become an Entrepreneur 

Choosing a truck driving job enables you to get into business on your own terms. Ideally, you can opt for an owner-operated trucking plan where you are contracted to perform services for a company. All it takes for you to get started is a leased truck and a CDL license. As your business expands, you can purchase your own equipment and sub-contract work to other drivers. This is one great way to build a thriving transport business with little capital. 

A Lot of Flexibility 

For most women, the thought of driving endlessly for several hours on lonely roads and being gone from home for several days is not appealing. However, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to truck driving. Currently, you can choose to do long-haul trucking if that is what you want or other types of driving designed to fit into your situation. Short-haul trucking is intended for drivers interested in home life. It involves trucking within smaller geographical areas, including metro areas, cities, and specific states. Most works include delivering goods from long-haul trucks to end-users such as stores, shops, or individual customers. 

Trucking Offers Fair and Equal Pay 

In other industries, the wage gap between the two genders has been shrinking. However, it is entirely non-existent in the trucking world. Typically, women and men receive the same pay based on age, mileage, hours, or percentage of the load. Additionally, the pay is fair, with the median annual income being $41,622. This amount may increase depending on bonuses, one’s position, and the length of time in services. Most trucking companies also offer paid leave, 401(k) plans, and other incentives.

It is a Quick Career to Establish

While it may take you a minimum of 2 years of full-time college education to get a degree, you only need seven weeks of driver training program to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You may also benefit from government grants and scholarships that cover the costs of training. 

How Much Can You Make as a Truck Driver in Texas? 

If you are a new driver, you may start at around $28, 803. In Texas, the normal salary for truck drivers is $41,622 per year. However, highly experienced drivers may take home up to $74,125. The Texas truck industry is expected to register nearly 4000 heavy and tractor-trailer driver job openings in the short term. 

Southern Careers Institute will help you get your CDL Class A in 4 Weeks 

There’s a big future for women who drive big rigs. We provide hands-on, over-the-road driving training that prepares you to pass your Commercial Driver’s Licensing Exam, so you can hit the road in four weeks! Learn more about our Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator training program here.

This article was published on: 05/4/21 12:05 AM

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