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Pharmacy Technician Schools in San Antonio: An Analysis of Your Options

Studying to become a pharmacy technician is a great opportunity for you to get into a rewarding and secure career path in the medical field. Studying, and subsequently working, as a pharmacy technician will allow you to progress in one of the fastest growing professional fields in the country and open doors to further career opportunities.

It’s easy to find a school that offers classes on how to become a pharmacy technician but in order to become one you must find a school that offers recognized and accredited pharmacy technician classes. There are a large number of schools in San Antonio that offer pharmacy technician accreditation, and each school is dedicated to providing the best education and training to its students.

However, with so many quality pharmacy technician schools in San Antonio, and so many options available to you, it is wise to evaluate all of your choices before making any decisions. Here, you will find a concise and informative list of a selection of pharmacy technician schools in San Antonio that can provide you with the very best education and training to become a qualified, recogized, and accredited pharmacy technician.

Sanford-Brown College

At Sanford-Brown, you will gain invaluable knowledge in all areas of pharmacy operations and technical management. You will have the opportunity for hand-on experience during an expert-led clinical externship, and learn and train with lab classes and tutorials designed to get students involved and interested in each class.

Kaplan College

During both class-led tutorials and clinical externships, students in Kaplan’s Pharmacy Technician Diploma program will be training extensively in all aspects of pharmacy technician protocol, procedures, and terminology. Some of the training you will receive will educate you on pharmacology, dispensary, office management and computer skills, and much more.

Brown-Mackie College

Brown-Mackie College’s Associate of Science Degree in Pharmacy Technology involves both class studies and externship training. Here, you will learn about pharmaceutical laws and ethics, medical dispensary, and office management. You will also have the opportunity to learn about alternative over-the-counter medicines and medical therapies.

UIW School of Extended Studies

The pharmacy technician program offered at UIW School of Extended Studies is an expedited course, meaning that the entire training and education is taken over the course of 14 weeks, unlike many other courses that offer 24 – 36 month training courses. Here, you will learn about and train in many aspects of the pharmacy technician profession through class work led by experts in the field, and externship training.

Southern Careers Institute

Of course, Southern Careers Institute also offer exceptional education and hand-on training for those wishing to become qualified and recognized pharmacy technicians.

At SCI, you will learn the essential technical and hand-on skills and knowledge to flourish as a pharmacy technician. SCI offer training in computer skills, pharmacology training, laws and ethics, and so much more. Training and education at SCI focuses on the essential skills and preparation necessary to thrive in a real-world environment – this includes excellent externship placement at a selection of recognized medical clinics and pharmacies.

SCI are dedicated to student learning, so SCI offer classes at both their North and South campuses, with the added options of day or evening classes to accommodate their students’ busy schedules.


Whichever of the great pharmacy technician schools in San Antonio you choose, make sure that it’s the right one for you. It is only with the right training and education that you will achieve all that you can from your career and it all begins with choosing the right school.

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