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Is Southern Careers Institute a Good School?

Many prospective students ask us, “Is Southern Careers Institute a good school?” It is ultimately up to you to make that decision, but to help you, here are the things we value most about our school.


1. Range of Programs

We offer a wide range of programs across several fields, including health care (such as our medical assistant, pharmacy technician, and medical office specialist courses), personal care (like our cosmetology course), business (such as business accounting specialist and computer support specialist), and trade (HVAC and welding). All our programs lead directly to careers in fields where there are large numbers of jobs but often a shortage of workers.


2. Flexible Study Options

Our on-campus courses are available during the day, evening, or weekend, meaning that you can choose a time that best suits your schedule and continue with your other commitments. If you want to work full time or need to take care of your family while studying, the best option for you could be an online course. We now offer both our medical coding and billing specialist and business accounting specialist programs fully online, and more courses will be coming soon.


3. Financial Aid

Education is a great investment: it can allow you to break into a career where you may earn double your current salary. However, some people are unable to pay tuition fees upfront. As we believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to study, we offer a range of financial aid options, including need- and academics-based grants and scholarships, loans, and veterans’ benefits. We will even help you find scholarships from external organizations to increase your aid.


4. Practical Experience

All our courses offer hands-on training in addition to classroom lectures to ensure that you feel prepared for a job after you graduate. You will have the chance to work with industry-standard equipment and will receive guidance from experienced professionals. Many of our courses also include internships, allowing you to gain real experience that is beneficial to your training and looks great on your resume.


5. Job Support

To ensure that you find a job soon after you graduate, we offer employment support services, such as networking with potential employers and job fairs where you can build up your contacts. You can also take part in our workshops to learn how to create a winning resume and nail your interviews. Our job support services are open to all our students long after they have graduated from SCI.


What makes a good school is down to the needs and preferences of the student. If you value things like training for a career where job candidates are in high demand, hands-on experience, and financial support to pay for your tuition, SCI is a good fit for you.

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