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Beauty School in Brownsville TX: Are They Teaching Students What They Need?

If you are considering enrolling in beauty school in Brownsville TX, you need to do some research before deciding which school to attend. In addition to program availability and the cost of tuition, you also should find out exactly you will learn.


Beauty school in Brownsville TX will have lot of material to cover in a one year certificate program, and you want to make sure that your college, such as Southern Careers Institute, addresses both the fundamentals and more advanced topics. Specifically, make sure that your college candidates teach the following subjects:

  1. Science: This is one of the first topics you should cover in your program. You need to understand the anatomy of hair, nails, and skin, and how they can be affected by various techniques and products. You should also learn about the chemicals used in those techniques and products, how they can interact with clients, how to explain the chemical processes to your clients, what you can do to ensure the safety of product usage, and what to do if a chemical error occurs.
  2. Hair: As a beauty school student, it is expected that you will learn about all things related to hair. You should start with the basics, such as different hair types, how to shampoo and condition hair, and hair health. Next, you should be taught about different hair cuts, ranging from the simple to complex, for short and long hair, for curly and straight hair, women’s and men’s hair. You will have to know how to use shears and razors. Formulating hair color, applying highlights and lowlights, styling updos and blowouts – all this should be included in your curriculum.
  3. Skin: Beauty school in Brownsville TX is more than just about hair. You should also learn about basics of skin care. You should learn how to recognize and address different skin conditions, perform hair removal, and do facials. Makeup is another facet of skincare, focusing on current styles, contouring, and special effects via application.
  4. Nails: A quality beauty school should include a component dedicated to nail care, particularly manicures and pedicures, nail health, and safety procedures.
  5. Customer service: While learning about the services, trends, and techniques is vital to your success, there is another aspect – customer service. At the very least, you should be taught how to schedule appointments, handle appointment conflicts, address frustrated clients, and remedy stressful situations with professionalism, patience, and politeness.
  6. Real world experience: It’s one thing to learn from a textbook, lecture, or video, but the best way to learn is by doing. Ask how much real world practice you will get, both on mannequins and on people too. Verify that your instructors are experienced and helpful to ensure you get the practice you need before you graduate.


Not all beauty schools in Brownsville TX are the same. To make sure that you will be taught the subjects that you need to succeed, ask questions, request referrals, and even attend a class or two. You owe it to yourself – and your clients.

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