Student Complaint Policy – San Antonio, Texas North Campus

This school has a Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The TWC assigned school number is: S4333. This school’s programs are approved by TWC, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and the Council on Occupational Education (COE). Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational programs by following the grievance process outlined in the school’s catalog. That policy is listed here for review.

SCI Appeal Procedures:

If a dispute arises, a student is encouraged to speak first with his/her instructor, explaining the problem, grievance, or complaint. Most problems can be resolved at this level. If a student chooses to appeal an action of any employee of SCI in regards to termination, suspension, disputes, etc., the student must submit a written appeal to the School Director. The appeal must state the detail circumstances of the dispute, the reasons for the appeal, and requested action to be taken. The School Director will study the student’s appeal, will obtain a counter report from the employee whose decision is being appealed, will hold a fair and impartial personal meeting with all parties involved, and will make a decision which will be final.

Students dissatisfied with this school’s response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accrediting bodies.

Information on filing a complaint with TWC can be found on TWC’s Career Schools and Colleges Website at