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If you need help to master Microsoft Excel 2010 then this is the place to do it. Even non-techie beginners will find it easy to learn Excel in our fun, step-by-step Microsoft Excel tutorials. These lessons will teach you dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up worksheets quickly and efficiently. In addition, you’ll get tips on sorting and analyzing data, designing custom charts, graphs, and mathematical formulas and discover how to use the function wizard to quickly and automatically calculate statistics, loan payments, future value, and more. This is not a tutorial, but an in-depth class where you’ll get training, help, and personal support from an experienced instructor as you’re learning Excel basics step-by-step.

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Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to effectively use all the advanced Excel features? In these hands-on lessons, you’ll learn how to create informative, eye-catching charts and graphs and harness the power of Excel’s data analysis tools and AutoFilter commands. In addition, you’ll find out how easy it is to create macros that let you manipulate data with the push of a button. You’ll also discover how to use Goal Seek and Solver and apply them to real-world problems. In this practical and information-packed course, you’ll see how to maximize this program’s functions and capabilities. You’ll discover advanced techniques for PivotTables, like creating Timelines, calculated fields, and calculated items. Take your skills to the next level with our Microsoft Excel training!

Scheduled Dates:

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  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Training
  • Hands-on learning
  • Singe day crash course
  • Great for business supervisors, managers, and owners
  • $150 per person
  • Alumni & Student Discounts Available
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